Saturday, 5 May 2007

Ugama flashback

There are words you have learned in Ugama school in the past which at that time you totally remembered what they meant. Tetapinya, pada masa kini, bila kita sudah tua, we all forget what they mean, and end up mixing up the wrong word with the wrong meaning.


Most of you may know the meanings to these words, but there are people like me who still mix up the meanings. So I did my research. Abis ku email Pusat Dakwah Islamiah di Brunei. Guru-guru ugama ku dulu di Brunei pun abis ku contact.

So here goes.

JIMAK simply means the act of making love, i.e. sex. Sin Ya Kaf Sin!

TAYAMUM is the act of performing the wudhu by using sand instead of water. Only applicable if water is not anywhere to be found. In other cases where water would hurt a wound and worsen the wound, tayamum is also applicable.

ISTINJA is the process of cleaning the back and/or front area after performing number two and/or number one.

SAMAK is the process of cleansing the part of the human body (or any medium) which came in contact with either a dog or a pig; or anything that came out of them.

But according to Si Tau (Si Adib), SAMAK ertinya the process of cleaning kulit bangkai sebelum ianya boleh digunakan untuk menjadi pakaian. Perasanku mun cematu, MENYASAH namanya, bukannya menyamak. Hahaha. Inda boleh kau lawan ni Dib, mun Pusat Dakwah sudah ku email. But people, do take his words jua MANA TAU BANAR~~ hahaha. But seriously, I think it may mean that as well.

So now you know what these terms mean, you have no excuse (by 'YOU', I mean to refer myself) to mix up the meanings. Imagine if you mixed up the meaning of JIMAK and SAMAK.

Son: Pa, aku tepigang anjing tadi pagi, tapi sudah pulang ku jimak.


Dui abis kana tampar anak inda bedusa. You see what I mean? You see how important it is to know the meanings to these words? Oh, by the way, eksen ku bah. Alum ku kan bekarih kan meng-email Pusat Dakwah. Hehe. But yes, the content of this post is based on pure research. HAHA.


Anonymous said...

i love your posts they're so funny! =)

Jirin said...

hey! thanks for dropping by. =)

emma29 said...

hahahahhaa.... that is hilarious...

Jirin said...

hi emma! =)

Adam's Crib said...

Oh my god! I was loving and obviously laughing at ur post. Just came across it today. Time minum lagi tu wen I read your sentence pasal menyasah ah...karau deh ku ketawa beruli-uli! n also about d son and father conversation! Haha!

Jirin said...

hahahaha. indakan sampai karau! hehehehehe thanks for dropping by heheh.