Thursday, 3 May 2007

Trolley tesco jacket babi

Assalamualaikum people.

It was the first of the month. It was pay day for most of us. So, me and my housemates went grocery shopping. We bought a lot of stuff. So I told them, eh bawa saja trolley ani balik ke rumah eh, karang tani balikkan. Hahaha, sampai ke rumah bah kami bawa trolley ah!

Bangga lagi tu membawa trolley balik ke rumah ah!

So Melo accompanied me to Tesco to return the trolley back and after that, as we were walking back home, we came across this bookshop called The Chaucer Bookshop. I don't know, but upon seeing the name of this shop, I said it out loud, "The Chaucer Bookshop" I said. Then, Melo was like what? Haha she heard me say "Kue Tiaw Serbuk Shop" instead.

That was not the first time she misinterpreted me. One time, it was during the fasting month last October. As I was making my niat which goes something like "Sahaja aku berpuasa pada esok hari pada bulan Ramadan pada tahun ini kerana Allah Ta'ala" which she thought I said "Malam-malam aku minum Milo esuk pagi aku makan so jangan kacau."

I don't blame her really, because I tend to speak very fast sometimes. Sometimes I mix up words or the letters of a word, subconsciously.

I once intended to say 'di Brunei banjir kah banar?' which came out to be 'di Brunei janbir kah banar?' or 'Apa kan kamu cakapkan ani?' would end up being said 'Apa kan kamu capakkan ani?' Umm, something like that. Try asking my close friends and they will agree.

I went into H&M tadi. I had two shirts I wanted to buy. In fact I was going to pay it sudah. But before I went to the cashier, antah gatal bah tangan ku ani, ada jacket ani, tepigang ku. Sekali ku liat, kulit babi. Baie! Sial. Padahal bida wah jacket atu ku pigang-pigang. Pasal batah sudah inda shopping atu kali. Haha. Anyway, after that, inda ku jadi membali anything. Stress tarus, Balik! Balik! Besamak!

I'm going to beherat now. Haha, go figure out whatever that means. Hehe. Later!

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