Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Semua tah haram nah

*Edited content at the end of this post.

I just received an email from Kaka May about TWIX, MARS, SNICKERS, MALTESERS, MILKY WAY and BOUNTY. No, it was not one of those forward emails. It was based on an article piece which you can read in the following link. Click!


If you malas click that link, okay, okay, I'll summarise it for you here. TWIX, MARS, SNICKERS, MALTESERS, MILKY WAY and BOUNTY are no longer halal, no longer suitable for vegetarians specifically. Since the 1st of May, the creators have started to use some kind of chemical from calves' stomach. BUT! But all those chocolates produced before 1st May are still halal. According to them, those with "best before date" up to 1st October, can still be consumed by vegetarians (or Muslims).

Atu tarus ku belusir to the nearest shop to buy Snickers. By all means, you can take away Milky Way, Bounty or Mars but why Snickers too? Why? Why? Fine. Take it all away. Ambil tia, haram tah. Alang-alang baik campur babi dalam chocolate atu. Campur holy water kah lagi. Semua lah barang haram, masukkan tia; jangan inda di masukkan! Biar tia. I will always have HERSHEY'S to munch on! HAHAHAHAHA! And Cadbury's too. Boo!

Baik jua aku kana email, thanks for the information Ka. Upon reading that, I was like, frust berabis. It was like the time Mischa Barton died on that OC show, like the time Jerudong Park bebayar tia to gain entry, like the Friends final episode, like the time Yaohan bankrupt (haha apakan, inda jua hebat banar Yaohan atu dulu ah) yea you get where I'm going. Let's just hope that Malaysia has their own Snickers factory and produce halal ones. Please!

Oh well, on the bright side, there's now a stronger reason not to eat Snickers anymore, considering that I eat at least a bar almost everyday!


(Haha emosi! No, I wasn't that dramatic when I found out about it. I don't know if you've noticed in my posts, but I tend to exaggerate a lot, like a lot a lot. Just wanted to spread the message. Hehe. Peace!)

For an ultimate HALAL/HARAM guide,
Courtesy of Kaka May =)


War186 said...

Aiii whyyyy?? Snickers atu iatah nganya chocolate ku pandai. Heh. Kana ucaptah ku karang the girl yang inda pandai makan chocolate ni.

Jirin said...

aiks u tak pandai chocolate? hehe its okay, i know someone lagi weird, inda pandai minum air ah! hahaha kalau kan minum air mesti tambah gula. alasannya allergic hahah

i knowww!! whyyyy snickers??? hehehee