Monday, 21 May 2007

My trip to the court

Hello everyone, I know I haven't updated longer than usual now, I guess I just have been busy. YARRIGHT! Busy my ass! I have been slacking my ass off. How many times in this blog have I mentioned that I am a frickin' procrastinator, a slacker? And all that shit. Antah eh, kenapa ya kan?

If you scroll down this blog, you will realise that I have only about 20 plus days lagi before I go home, home sweet home. Am I excited? Hell yeah I am. But my coursework is not complete yet, I can't feel too excited yet, unless I complete my work. Every time I'm given a new task, I always tell myself that I will never be able to finish the damn coursework, but in the previous terms, even though I thought that I wouldn't have gone through it, I went through it. But I don't know if this time I will actually finish it on time. I WILL. and I CAN.

That is what you call SELF MOTIVATION. (It's a fancy form of denial sebenarnya.)

GOOD NEWS! SNICKERS, MARS, BOUNTY, MALTESERS and MILKY WAY will soon be HALAL again. Click here! Makbul doa ku! Nyangku Tuhan atu maha adil. Inda ku sia-sia sembahyang hajat hari atu hehehe.

In my previous posts, I have been sharing funny stories that I have experienced. I don't have an inspiration to talk about anything, so here is a desperate attempt to update blog yang behabuk sudah ani. Haha.

I was in form 5, back in MS, to join a co-curricular activity was compulsory; but if you didn't join the fun clubs too soon, then you're left with the boring clubs to join. You know, boring clubs like library club, English club or sastera club. There was this one particular club, it was called the 'Maintenance Club'. Now this club's activity was to repair computers, clean messes, yada yada yada. It was more like labour club, seriously. But that's not what the story is about. Bear with me.

So the requirement was to use overalls. Since I didn't have one, I went out to buy one. I needed it the next day, so I told my sister to bring me out to beli lah overalls ani. So she asked me why I needed overalls and I replied, "Untuk kamak-kamah."

"Ah okay. Bah lakastah." nya kaka ku.

So we bought one, and the next day it was time for CCA, so I wore my overalls and all. Sudah sampai di rumah, me and the rest of the family were having dinner in the dining room. Sekali, my father asked me a random question, out of the blue, "How was your trip to the court?" What court, I thought. I never went to the court, nor did I ever mention that I was going to go to the court. "Kaka mu jua bagi tau kau ke mahkamah tadi patang."

Rupanya apa nah? When I said I needed overalls untuk KAMAH-KAMAH, my sister thought I said I needed overalls untuk KE MAHKAMAH.

Why the hell would I be needing to wear overalls to go to the court ka? Hahaha. Plumber sasat ganya memakai overalls ke mahkamah. Hehe.

Cuba kamu play, found it somewhere arah multiply. Cali lah sedikit. Hehe.

Salamat Munap!

Nanti tah lagi ku update. Ngalih ku.


cells said...

haha..cali...u must have looked so blur thinking abt when did u actually pergi ke mahkamah. lol. and the salamat munap is hilarious..penyaya jua the 'anak' atu. lol

Jirin said...

very blur indeed! it took me a while to think bila kau cakap aku ke court???? hahahhahhha hehe

un6 said...

Usually kalau kan ke mahkamah, pakai baju smart... Hehehe.

Lawa jua Englishnya that guy. Lol.