Monday, 21 May 2007

My daughter won AF 2007

I enjoyed watching Akademi Fantasia's second season. I guess it was the only season yang siuk. The other seasons macam bida and boring. So I heard AF started early this year, and before I knew it, it had already ended last week. For the first time a female won the Juara title. Finally!

So the winner is Mila binti Jirin. Yes, her name is Mila binti JIRIN. I think that was how I discovered that the new season of AF was showing; I was googling my own name out of boredom, and the results weren't like usual. The results were something like "Mila Jirin Akademi Fantasia" or "Mila Jirin Konsert 1 AF". I was like who the hell is this bitch trying to steal my thunder on MY google search result page? Haha.

So yeah, apparently my "daughter" had won this year's AF. Inda ku tahu menahu nyamu eh, inda ia memesej aku, tau pun ku inda ia masuk AF ah. Anak derhaka. Hahaha apakan. My personal message on MSN says "Ku dangar anakku manang AF?"; I had people asking me what the frickin' hell did I mean. Haha, so now you faham. Thank you very nice!

This post won't be very long so to sum up, congratulations to my winning "daughter". Jangan kau lupakan indung mu ani. Hahaha apakan, she's my age!

So later!


Anonymous said...

bro. jirin,
have u listen to her?
she hv such a great talent.
watch e final concert, e whole stadium shouting her name...
& will only active on 25/5/2007
gd luck!

Jirin said...

hey, yea she's really good yeah. thanks for the links!!

izz. said...

hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah pacah ku Jirin after reading this post!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha buleh inda ilang sarky mu ani? walaupun jauh ke UK!
Hope to see you and your sisters soon lai...
i want more sarky sarky posts! :D

Juan Pablo said...

hahahaa.. what a coincidence.. Pacik Jirin!!!!

Jirin said...

pablo, awu ku pikir brunei ganya damit. heheh..

ka izz... hi yes we will be seeing you soooon!!