Thursday, 10 May 2007

Mari bercerita

It was lunch time. I didn't want to go home because it was a very short break. So I went jalan-jalan around the main campus. Suddenly, I saw people who looked like people I knew. Not one, not two, but three of them. Like, eh?

One of them was a middle aged Chinese woman; who reminded me of my physics teacher during Pre-U. Oh yeah, funny story. It was right after a test. I flunked it. So I was analysing the whole test paper trying to scout more marks, just to pass the damn paper. Then, I came across this one question, which I thought I deserved a mark. So, I went up to the mentioned physics teacher and told her.

"Cher, I think I deserve some mark here." I complained on her desk.

"Alright Khairul, let me have a look, you have a seat and I'll call you in a bit." She said.

"Cool. Thanks." I went back to my seat. Just as soon as I sat down...

"Okay, Khairul, I gave you mark already." She said.

"Oh, really? How much?" I replied, with a tone that suggested excitement.

"I gave you a QUESTION MARK!"

Everyone burst into laughter. What was I thinking? Haha, that was one funny incident. I've told this story to most of my friends, but since I just remembered it, I might as well share it. Hehe. Hmm, another funny incident?

It was two years ago when one night, I couldn't sleep. I decided to go online. The computer was in the family lounge area; which was opposite to my father's room. I was wearing a hooded sweater that time and for some reason, I had the hood on. I sneaked to use the computer, I didn't want to wake anyone up. The computer didn't work. The CPU was on the floor, so there I was trying to fix the CPU, sitting on the floor. Moments later, I heard something move behind my back. Apanah?

As I turned, it was my father. He was ready to hit me using a baseball bat! He thought I was an intruder trying to steal the computer. If I didn't realise, I could've been hit! Some serious damage that could've been! Haha. But that was only logical. I had my hood on. It did look like I was a pencuri.

"Kau ani! Kau rupanya! Bahapa kan kau ani! Inda kau tidur kah!"

Abis kana lecture tarus. Haha. Oh by the way, we keep baseball bats around the house for security purposes. Hehe. I have a lot of other funny incidents to mention, one involving a sister, a Hersheys chocolate bar, an Indian runcit shop, and an innocent little Indian boy. I don't want to mention it here, the story is just too notorious. I've told it to Aidah, a friend of mine; and apparently, she is responsible for the rest of Brunei already knowing that story. Everytime I want to tell the story, then that person would tell me 'Oh awu si Aidah sudah cerita!' Haha pencuri guruh.

I feel like a book writer writing this post. So un-me. Haha. Later.


HTHolzer said...

Hi you!

Just staggered around the blogger and found your blog.

Your blog reminded me to one of my friends.

Come once over to see mine! ;-)



Dalila said...

Baik you inda malu and terajun bangunan tarus eh. Hahaha. Bida tu ah. Question mark! Iski sudah kan kana tambah markah. Hahaha.

I can imagine eh cemana usulnya you berusah PC ah. Haha. Used to do that jua. Kana marah eh~ Hahaha.

Jirin said...

Hahahaha awu kena lecture bah tarus pukul 3 pagi in the morning atu hheheheheheh

rabz said...


*indian accent*

"ini hershey"


org2x nya sja tau tu. hahahahaha.

cali bah.