Thursday, 31 May 2007

I should be doing my WORK!

It was my first day of school, the first time I entered a secondary school. I didn't make a good impression on my form teacher. I was (am) that little fat boy who didn't stay still, who wanders around the auditorium (that's where we had our orientation sessions). As a teacher, she asked me to be good, be quiet, and not wander around. That was my reputation: the noisy inda peratian student.

Orientation was over. It was time for the class monitor election. I didn't really know anyone back then, but I was the popular candidate. Maybe because I was so naughty, they wanted me to suffer with the responsibilities of being a class monitor. How great, I thought. My form teacher had no choice. Majority won. So she warned and gave me a challenge. So she let me be the monitor of the class.

Being the suck up that I was (am?), I gained her trust. She liked me. In fact, she praised me all the time. For a period of time, I was the teacher's pet. I bet the rest of the class hated me for that.

Hold that thought. I got sacked later that year. Apparently the Khairul she heard about was not the Khairul she knew, it was the Khairul she first met. The reason she gave me was that in an academic year, someone can only be a monitor half the year; that it was another person's turn to do it; to be fair to me.

It was a fall. What hurt me was that the new monitor has been able to keep his title for a year and a half. What happened to that 'New monitor every 6 months' policy? Only then I realised it was me. There was no policy. At least I was still a monitor in my ugama class. But later I was also sacked for being capi-capi. Why oh why? Fine. Take it away. Take my crown and sash; and be monitor. Wait. We didn't have a crown nor did we have a sash. That's Miss Universe. Oh. No. Delete that.

HAHAHA! Upon reading that, you must think that I was an attention whore. No, it was not that bad. I didn't care so much if I was monitor or not. In fact, it was quite a fun and funny experience for me. My ugama teacher's alasan for sacking me was and I quote, "Ku pikir bisai! Anam bulan sudah ku sabar dangan ulah mu ani!"

Sori cikgu eh. Inda ku sengaja. Mengapa tah kita memilih kadiaku. Air yang tenang jangan di sangka nada indon beranang dalam nya. Hahaha. Penyeluru bah aku ani. Mudahan panjang umur kita cikgu.

Sweet memories. When I think of the times I got into trouble back in high school, I can't help but smile. It was good times.

Sent out of class. Check.
Asked to stand up on a chair. Check.
Asked to stand barefoot on hot pit. Check.
Asked to stand up for an entire period. Check.
Sent to the principal's office. Check.
Sent for counseling. Check.
Parentals being sent a warning letter regarding their problem child. Check!!!!

I am certainly and definitely NOT proud of those stuff. But I wouldn't change it at the same time. I think those are the things that made me who I am today. Don't you think? People go through life differently. There are no two people in this world who share the same path in life. We have our ups and downs. Sometimes its up up up down down down. Other times it's up down up down up down. You get what I mean?

But then again, I always wonder. What if I was that good little boy who aces his exams, does all his homework, and respected the school rules. You know, that little boy who has a halo on top of his head instead of these two horns that I have. Haha. I mean, will I end up being a better person? I guess not. Because that was the way I was planned by God how I would turn out. Whoever said good boys will always become good boys in the end? Even the best fall down sometimes.

On a different note, my friends claim that I always go ASTAH! So I did a mock up of that expression on photoshop....


mamalobengs said...

Ngalih ku melakak membaca blog mu ani!! Nda tah ku jadi swimming di Sg. Tungkadeh ni mun banyak Indon!! lol!!

Jirin said...

hahaha Sungai Tungkadeh ani dimana? Banyak indon kah banar?? Haha hopefully nada indon membaca blog ku ani. abis kana jampi ni banar!!!!

mamalobengs said...

Sg. Tungkadeh ah yang blakan Sekulah STPRI atu..indon nda pulang ku pernah meliat swimming sanan tu biawak banar.. hahahha.. kawan c-icham rupanya!! aku kajan nya!! anti c-elush.. anti eh.. hahhaha

Jirin said...

awu kawan si icham. hehe kawan sesimpang si icham jua. hehehe. anti c elush panya.. hehe damit dunia ani. esuk lusa mother teresa atu puskali ku tu liat saja

mamalobengs said...

Naahh.. nyangku padantah ku pernah meliat kedikau.. andang damit brunei ani nyamu.. churchill atu dulu bakas bapa mentua ku bah tu!!