Sunday, 27 May 2007

Banyak alasan

Since I suddenly knew I was the father to Malaysia's hottest AF winner at the moment, I have been following her updates. Well, not really. But I do actually, a little bit. It's undeniable she's really good sebenarnya. So as I was googling 'Mila Jirin', my post 'My daughter won AF 2007' was the first hit. But that's not the point. So I was reading the other hits and one of the results went along the lines of...

"Mila Jirin was only allowed to spend RM1 at the school canteen by her father."

BEKIRA JUA KAU? Aku sekulah dulu inda jua ku bekira berapa puluh sen ku kana bari kan makan di kantin lai. Hahaha. Things like these tah membuat ku inda kan mengakun kedia ani anak ku. But then, she also said, “My parents made sure we understood the value of money. They always stressed the importance of thrift.”

ATTA GIRL! Atu baru ya buat bapa mu ani bangga. Pandai-pandai menilai usin ah lai ah. Esuk lusa ku telipun Mama Juwie & si Huzz so that aku masuk majalah mangga to express my feeling of proud of how you've turned out.


You know, when I was younger, like in secondary school, I wasn't really allowed to go out with friends. Inda kana lapas dalam bahasa Brunei. So I used to make excuses like...
  1. Cikgu ku belanja di Fratini's
  2. Ada project kan di discuss di rumah si Tipah
  3. Kami survey project di kadai-kadai
  4. Monitor class ku hari jadi
Boleh lagi lame kadang-kadang. Indakan cikgu mu kan belanja tiap-tiap minggu nya boss ku. Mana tia project mu ani nya boss ku. Kanak-kanak tah banar ah.

Back in MS before I used to stayback all the time. Like stay back everyday, even when there's no class, no reason to stay back in school, except to memalui, begila and hang out or lepak. So I would tell the paternal unit that I have practicals and extra classes when almost half the time, there weren't any. So there was one point where I realised making excuses were kinda useless really. One day I was asked why I stayed back and I replied, "Nada apa-apa. Saja."

Abis. Abis. Kana bomb tarus. But at least I was being honest! So kids, be honest to your parents. Trust me, it pays a whole lot.

I wouldn't be surprised if one day my son ever uses the excuse 'Cikgu ku belanja' to my face. I would be saying 'I've been there kiddo, now be honest!' See that alasan is effortless. You can add little bit of complication to it, you know, just to make the excusee think that it does make sense.

There were always times when you would fake a fever to escape school. It worked sometimes. But at times when I was really sick, I would be accused of faking it. I'm like, fuck. Banar bah aku damam. Iatah inda kuasa bedusta ani. Time inda bedusta kana tuduh pulang bedusta. So kids, learn from this. Aku ani batah sudah idup. HAHAHA!

Good morning!


mamaloebngs said...

Hahaha!! So typical MS breed!! Banyak kah komen ku arah blog mu hari ani. Nda apa hari jumat.. bepahala juaku sedakah COMMENTS!! huhuhu

Jirin said...

Hahaha inda apa. inda jua sunyi. ari jumat hari barkat, inda sedakah usin rah tabung masjid, sedakah comment saja pun jadi lah! hehe

Mamalobengs said...

Hahahah!! ku link kau ah!! ngalih ku mengunjar arah c-siti kau punya link!

Jirin said...

bah link! aku pun link kita ah! =))