Sunday, 13 May 2007


Di atas permintaan ramai, I will attempt to share with you all that notorious story I mentioned in my previous post. Okay, okay, shall we proceed?

It was the period of time when the Hershey's Cookie and Cream White Chocolate bar was starting to become famous in Brunei. I don't exactly remember when this was, I think it was in the early 2000s. Anyway, me and my sis was running out of Hershey's one day. So, we asked one of our aunties to bring us to an Indian runcit shop nearby.

My aunt waited in the car, I accompanied my sister into the shop. But, the chocolate was nowhere to be found. We realised pulang yang andang nada bah ni chocolate ani di kadai runcit. Tapinya denial struck. So we asked the Indian whether or not they had it. Manatau betapuk kah ia, kami inda nampak kah, you know, just to make sure. Kami ani tah lagi keturunan uri, semua mesti di make sure kan.

"Ada Hershey?" nya adik ku.

"Ada." replied the Indian with a smirk, sekali tarus tia ke belakang, to the store room perhaps. Then, my sister and I followed him. I don't know why, but we followed him out through the back door of the runcit shop. Ada ni chocolate ani di stor nya ni pikir kami. He brought us to this room. As he opened the door, we saw an Indian boy without a shirt on with his kain tajung on lying on a tilam on the floor. He stood up as soon as he saw us. "Ini dia Harshi!"

Talur! Rupanya that Indian thought kami ani mencari anaknya. Lurus tia nama anaknya ani Harshi, talur, talur! Orang kan mencari chocolate, awu eh chocolate banar bah barinya! Haha. Abis kami kecalian; tarus kami belari ke kerita, leaving the Indian clueless kenapa kami belusir tarus atu. Haha.

I hope kamu paham cerita ku ani. It is more effective if the story was told face to face. Apparently banyak sudah orang tau cerita ani. If you have heard this story before, that was about me and my sister!

(I was thinking bah kalau it is more effective kalau aku menggunakan Kaling instead of Indian. Tapi nyangku eh jangantah. Kana ucap racist karang. Haha.)



War186 said...

Haha cemani rupanya cetanya. Cali cali. Glad you decided to share. Hehe. I agree basar effect nya kali lagi kalau pakai 'kaling' tapinya inda jua bisai banar karang kana panggil racist nyamu heh. Paloi eh c Harshi bah dibaginya kamu. Hehe.

Jirin said...

hahahaha iatah. hahaha iatah id dint use kaling atu. marah karang orang. hehehehhe

Dalila said...


un6 said...


Nda disappointed when u found out the Hershey is actually Harshi?

Lol. Photoshop Hershey bar to look like Harshi: India's Favourite Chocolote. XD

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