Saturday, 7 April 2007

Rajin bekaut konon

Bila Siti Fatimah and aku betamu di MSN, begagar dunia tarus. Hahaha. This woman ah, antah, betamu wah kalau becerita. Her laugh is just infectious. Even though ia ketawa through MSN, I can just imagine her laugh echoing by my ear. Mun banar freaky pulang tu. But no. Heheh.

We were reminiscing about one time we were chatting through MSN. I was giving her advise that time. It was her first time in Australia, I said, jangan makan babi. Like kalau Ababi, jangan di sangka Adabi. Babiku jangan di sangka Ayamku.

A few moments later, somehow, we talked about Anita Sarawak. In an interview (a real interview), Anita Sarawak was asked about her flawless skin. She was asked if she had botox injected regularly, but she replied, "Eh, tak betul lah, Kak Nita amalkan air sembahyang lah muka Kak Nita halus cam ni."

Mua mu Dang, datu nini ku bekeradut jua Dang, atu kan kau, sudahtah rambut kuning. Perasan urang putih. Hahaha.

Sekali, a little bit later, the issue of babi came up again. The question was, kalau babi punya hidung mancung, halal kah tu? Haha antah however that question came up. But mun babi atu haram, haram lah. Full stop. Mun babi idung mancung halal, ada tu orang sanggup mengantar babi buat idung mancung arah clinic plastic surgery. And that is where babi atu tejumpa Anita Sarawak.

Dalam waiting room...

Babi: Eh nervous kau?
Anita Sarawak: Sadang!
Babi: Any tips?
Anita Sarawak: Kalau kau kana interview pasal plastic surgery, cakap kau rajin ambil wudhu, rajin bekaut.

This whole thing was much more cali in the conversation of Siti and I. You know how things are just funny between two people and then when you try to tell it to other people, it just doesn't sound so funny after all? Me and Anisah share a lot of funny-but-not-so-funny-to-other-people moments. Nis, if you're reading this, do you have 2c? Hahaha this is an inside joke.

Okay, Anita Sarawak, if you happen to be Googling your own name and somehow you landed on this blog. I am sorry. You need new and convincing answers kalau kana tanya kenapa mua mu alus. Kuat bekaut kunun. Haha, nyaman ketawa ku atu.

(This whole post was based on an MSN conversation.)


JPG said...

hahahahaaa. I love the story. so original.. I agree with u!! u back in Brunei?? have fun!!

Jirin said...

hey. hahaha... umm no i am not back in brunei!!! hahahaha I WISH!!!!!!!