Wednesday, 4 April 2007

My animation clips!


Finally, my animation project is complete and I have submitted it so my shoulder now feels a little bit lighter. Phew. I am too swamped to blog, but as I promised, here are my animation clips that I was required to do.

This is created out of flash. I am sorry for the bad quality. I couldn't find a good *.swf to *.mov converter. It is an anti-discrimination advert; featuring Anisah Alkaff.

Now this animation is based on the stop motion concept. It is quite basic really. But to make it a little more interesting, I shot the animation at three different angles. You'll see what I mean after you play the video embeded above. This advert is for iCount. iCount is an organisation concerned with the environment and climate change. This animation also features Anisah's voice!

Lastly, this is a 3D animation. We were required to produce an ident for a TV programme. But I wanted to make a 3D version of the Maktab Sains logo; so I made it fit into the criteria by making it some kind of college news update or something like that.

Thank you to all my friends who helped me out in producing these projects; especially Reza and Anisah. Compliments to you two. Thanks muchos.


affy said...

wow, awesome animation!
a job well done.

Jirin said...

Thanks dude, very much.

rebelandaliberator said...

love the third video, and that music.. bbc? lol oh man, i miss british tv..

Jirin said...

haha yeah bbc. rip off wah aku ah. haha but that was the only one i cud find haha.

Nonnie King said...

Those are really cool works from you!

Thumbs up!

Jirin said...

hey. thanks! i appreciate it very much. =)))