Thursday, 12 April 2007

Just a pictorial update

Okay now this is one of the times when I want to update but I don't know what to talk about. But I'll keep typing anyway, we'll see how it progresses in the end.

Have you ever felt depressed for no apparent reason? I've finished all my work, so school is none of my worries. I just can't pin point it. Maybe it's Anita Sarawak working her voodoo against me, God forbid. Hahaha, lagi lagi Anita Sarawak. (Nya si Faizah, Anita Sarawak atu is Malaysia's very own Firaun, pakai awet muda. HAHA! Firaun?!) To hell with Anita Sarawak. This will be the end to my Anita Sarawak sequels. Banar. No more. Buang karan saja. Of all things to talk about, why did I blog about that old hag?!

It has been a while since I haven't updated. I had a filled week, my cousin Amal from Nottingham came to visit Canterbury, along with Hilmi. We brought them to Margate and Ashford.

I've already posted these pictures on Facebook, but just to fill up this blog, I guess I'll post it up again. So...

Merenung lautan biru.

Erman, Hilmi, Faizah, Sofy, Melo and Amal
Ingati ah siapa-siapa so I don't have make a caption again. Hehe.

Silau bui~

Clock tower at Margate.


Kadai tutup, so begambar sajalah.

Si Amal inda mau-mau kana gambar! Haha. Padahal aku yang. Hehe.


Antah inda ku tau apa kan ku cakap pasal gambar ani.

Candid ni si Amal ambil. Right!

So, this has been a lazy post. But, like they say, a picture paints a thousand words. Hahaha. Kes malas. Laters!


emma29 said...

nice pichas! bah MORE pichas! hehehehe and yep mcm makin kurus eh~ *LOL* mcm tah i know how u looked like before heee

Jirin said...

hey. hahhahahh thanks. hahahaha! awu eh! hehe =)