Monday, 30 April 2007

Frankie says relax

So I have deleted my previous post. Mainly because that post wasn't my kind of intentions. Anyway, how's everybody doing? Stressed? Pressured by exams? Chill~ Or like how the Poklens would say it, chillax! Haha.

As for me, I am doing alright. I have a project to get on with but ah well that can wait. The most important thing is, ahhh free time. Nothing to worry about. Oh shit. I am forgetting that there are bills to worry about. Oh damn, that just scraped off the happy mood. Shizzles.

Oh well.

Let's talk about the aftermath of the Kent tremor. Our families called and our friends sent us texts. I'm like, we're all fine! Hehe. We're getting this attention, when nothing really happened to us. Well it did shake Canterbury. It shook my jiggly tummy but hey that's pretty much it. But I very much appreciate all the messages, hehe. Chengkiews.

Oh, I am sorry; BSU did call some of us to make sure that we were all alright. So I am really sorry for judging them too soon. Hehe.

I like this song. Jiwang pulang sedikit. Lagu ani pasal orang yang inda kana layan. The chorus goes like "Berikan ku cinta seandainya ada; bila cinta diharap balas tiada." Haha atu kesian. Been there.

My tummy is making noise. But I am not hungry. Meriah wah bunyinya parut ku ah. It's like there's a group of Indons begambus down there. Napa ia ah? I'll find something to eat in the fridge now.


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