Thursday, 15 March 2007

Urban legend?

I just got back from grocery shopping with my housemates at Tesco. I bought another bar of Snikcers to munch on for the night. Ah! Since the first day of March, I think I've eaten at least one bar of Snickers a day. I haven't eaten the chocolate bar yet, so it is now safe and sound in the fridge. Oh well. I was going to blog about something else, but for every word that I type, I can't stop thinking about the uneaten Snickers bar that's in the fridge. Oh well. Moving on!

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Christina Aguilera

Have you guys seen Christina Aguilera's latest pictures? HOT! See, this was Britney Spears' kawan seperjuangan, kirakan same batch lah ah, and see how each of them turned out to be!

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Who wins?

I didn't join the others at Wagamama tadi, mainly because I am done eating out this month. The quota is all used up. Plus, we had other plans jua, to grocery shop and all. But we dropped by Wagamama to pass something on to Reza. The main reason being.. hmm.. umm.. kan liat the hot **a***a*a lookalike waitress. Got a glimpse of her from outside, hahaha stalker! This song is dedicated to you, Siti Norwagamama Chick!

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That's not her in the picture though, gambar perhiasan sahaja.

Okay, let's move on to a proper content! Hahaha.

I received an email today, yes a forwarded email. It came from a close friend of mine, so I felt obliged to not delete the mail and actually read it. It was about the word 'BYE', about how us Muslims are using it everytime without knowing what it actually means. According to that mail, the word 'bye', if translated to arabic, then translated back to english, means 'to be under the pope's command': which to me, doesn't really make sense. Correct me if it truly does.

I don't know how true this is. So I did a little research over the net. Mr. Wiki said that the word bye was originally derived from the phrase "God be with you". Nothing to do with the pope. Tebatuk-batuk saja si pope kana sabut dalam forwarded email. To me, I think it is still okay for us Muslims to use bye, because in our niat, it really is used as a farewell phrase, because the niat is the most important thing right. However, at the same time, do amalkan using the salaam though, or if you have OCD, just use the salaam then.

I know I've touched on forwarded emails before, but I feel like elaborating about it a little bit more. You will be very surprised to know how many people rely their knowledge on forwarded emails. It's like it is the only source of information. When the doctor tells them to eat less oily food, they ignore the advice. But when they read in a forwarded email that the chewing gum was made out of minyak babi, beranti durang makan chewing gum. Cemana kan tu? Heheh.

Do you believe that if you take a shower when you're sweating you would end up with a panau? Mana banar tu. Panau ani is a certain kind of skin fungus. It is certainly not a result of the chemical reaction between sweat and water. You get panau if you jarang cuci your muka lah, or something like that.

Which leads me to our cultural sayings, is it really true? Like how our parents say jangkau makanan sebelum jalan, if not kempunan. We were talking about this the other day at Kaka Nadz's place. I do it anyways, I would jangkau the food.

I think there are other reasons behind it. Like the phrase "Jangan menyanyi dalam dapur, karang dapat bini tua" - the real reason is so that you don't spit into the food that you cook perhaps? Or maybe the person who invented this phrase was really annoyed with the singing bitch in the kitchen kali ah? Haha. Too bad the singing bitch believed it and passed it on to her descendents until it got spread all over.

"Jangan luan baibun, karang menangis" - I think this is true. After a day of laughing berabis sekali dalam dunia, before going to bed, I usually feel really depressed. Not once that happened, so I guess there's a little truth in that phrase. Besides, we are not advised to laugh really hard anyway.

How about the phrase "jangan buka payung dalam rumah"? Haha I can't explain this one. But banar jua bah, why would you open and umbrella in a roofed place anyway? INDA KUASA. No power.

But I think I will still pass these phrases on to my kids nanti. Just for the sake of not letting the culture die perhaps.

Man, I'm bored. Enough bullshit for tonight! Pretty Wagamama chick and Snickers bar in my mind! Laters.

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