Thursday, 15 March 2007

Thank you very nice, come again.

This post is dedicated to all the nice people in the world.

Some people are just so nice, I feel heartbroken if they are not Muslims sometimes, I'd say to myself, too bad you're not a Muslim, because if you are, you would probably be a good one, and probably will go to heaven too. You know nice people who you wish were muslims, like Princess Diana and Mother Teresa.

Have you ever met someone so nice, you wish you are close to that person but never have a chance to be close to that person? I don't know, perhaps because of different paths in life? Different and non-intersecting circle of friends? Well, I do, and I say to myself, now this is the one to befriend (or to bewife, haha).

Nice people are not just hard to find, but at most times, nice people die young. You would question why but in the end you figure that Allah loves nice people, I believe that. I think because they have done enough deeds, enough iman, I guess that's why God took away their lives? God bless these people.

Because in this world they are not many nice people. Although I am really glad with the nice people I have around me. REALLY GLAD AND REALLY THANKFUL. Needless to mention siapa-siapa, you people know who you are. May Allah bless us all.

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