Saturday, 10 March 2007

Slutonella Barba finally booted out

Hey. Assalamualaikum...

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If you're running on Firefox, try installing this AddOn feature, click on it, it's linked. You will never get bored anymore. This is the solution to your boredom times infront of your computer. Install it. It is just a 117 kilobytes so it will definitely not harm and freeze your computer. Then sign up, which only takes a few seconds. Tick those keywords that interest you. After you finish signing up, upon clicking that 'Stumble!' button, Firefox will bring you to random cool websites. Trust me. Siuk. Hahaha. If you're not satisfied with the website, click it again until you finally land on a cool website. Hahaha. This is sounding more and more like those Smart Shop TV adverts.

This will drive you nuts: I gave up after losing a few times though.

Now, this link is a clock, not the usual kind that you have seen. It's cool. Click.

And, lastly, the never ending image. Haha, tell me if it does finally stop becasue it won't quit on me. Click!

Yes, Sluttonella Barba is finally voted out of idol. Seriously. She can't sing! What was Simon, Paula and Randy thinking putting her in the top 24? Sanjaya Malakar has a nice voice, but, hmm he's just so weak! Lamah sulnya.

I actually like Carrie Underwood, not a fan but I think she's okay. I know for a fact that Anisah doesn't like her nasal voice hehehe. Speaking of idol, where has Camile Velasco gone?! I miss her. I miss her husky voice. You remember Camile, no? She was a contestant on Idol Season 3. Most guys may not find her really pretty but I do. I think she's gorgeous. She may not have the best dressing sense, but I love her. She has that sweet look. To top that off, she's got that husky voice. Ahhh sexxxay~ Other voices who I think is sexy are those of Sazzy Falak & Dayang Nurfaizah.

Camile Velasco
Camile Velasco

Watch this clip! Faith Hill thought she won the award and she ended up screaming 'WHAT?!' when in fact Carrie Underwood's name was announced. Haha, batah pulang sudah ni but I just knew.

WHAT?! Adakah~ Haha.

I have never seen a play before so the play that I saw last night was a first. It was called the Vagina Monologue. It is very good. Amal's in the cast. She was great; along with the other members of the cast. Compliments to Amal once again!

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