Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Siti Sifir

I just felt like mentioning this on my blog - who remembers Siti Sifir? If this doesn't ring any bell, Siti Sifir was that little girl who taught you the multiplication tables by using some tune. It was part of the kids show called Along. Along is this big mascot, I don't remember what it was, was it a bear or was it a cat? Haha but I remember watching this show because it was aired right before Doraemon (or was it Power Rangers?) on RTM. Hahaha. Doraemon.
Dua darab satu, dua!
Dua darab dua, empat!
Dua darab tiga, enam!
Speaking of Doraemon, did you know that the finale of the cartoon is that Nobita is actually crazy and Doraemon never existed? Hahaha, I mean, I haven't seen the show since I was what? 9? 10? But my friend told me that's how the show ended. How sad. Kill joy!

Now ingat ku pulang Power Rangers; The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. I remember following this series religously. I even had the action figures. Bekusut bah inda kana belikan awal-awal. Ancing! Ancing! I also remember pretending to be the rangers. Man.. Adang eh. Enough embarassment!

Eh wait, I just want to mention another one; Akazukin Cha Cha. I used to miss my afternoon ugama classes because of this show. Ok, I will stop now! Hahaha.

The good old 1990s. Back when...

Back when video case pencil cases were cool.
Back when we all used to play the pen battle; main lastik pen.
Back when the person with the most biji gatah was cool.
Back when having a pencil shorter than your pinky meant that one of your family members will pass.
Back when we all would flaunt our lunch boxes (Aku punya lunch box Toy Story~).
Back when eraser dust was money; the more you have the richer you are.
Back when LA Gear were the it shoes.
Back when Tamagochi was the coolest gadget.
Back when main bilun was the coolest game ever. (Aii kau julok! Buyuk!)
Back when your teacher would ask the class monitor to write down the noisy kids list if she had to leave the class.

HAHAHA! The noisy list! If you were friends with the class monitor then you would probably be listed as quiet. Man, I remember being really paranoid, so I would go to the monitor to ask if he/she had put me in the quiet list or not. Then if he/she had put me in the noisy list... apanah jawapannya? 'INDA KU KAWAN KAU EH!' Hahaha. BUANG JABAT!

Enough reminiscing for today.

I feel a little happy today because my work is going a little progressive.

Laterzzzzzzz. <- A little hint for my next post. Haha.


Muhammad Adib Hashim said...

Dude!! Im gonna have Akazukin Cha Cha by tonight! Heheh.. Mun mau, just ask for it.. Tekarih wah aku ah.. And i think that Doraemon ending u mentioned isnt real, cuba ko check Wikipedia..

Jirin said...

hahahah it isn't? hahaha bah nanti tah aku minta arah mu akazukin cha cha hahaha

rebelandaliberator said...

haha bunag jabat.. style lama tu eh, ah good times..

Jirin said...

Old school yao. hahahaha..

the lazy turtle said...

LOL! buang jabat and video cases. Old skul eh!! I was the only girl in my class to have a video case as a pencil box. I was cool, hahaha. My parents gave us power ranger costumes dulu, and aku nyamal i got the black ranger outfit when i wanted pink! Haha. Inda lagi mau pakai tu when the rangers 'came' to our house, in the end mau tah jua begambar wit 'them'. LOL. Ah, good ol days.

Jirin said...

hhahahhaahhaha!! once i belived the rangers came to tiong hin and when we went to visit.. awu eh banar pulang tapi kurus karing hahahahahaa