Sunday, 18 March 2007

Pendatang haram: spring snow

Nothing substantial to talk about today but I just felt like I need to update this blog. Let's talk about the lovely weather. Haha, it is spring. Yea finally spring is here yada yada yada. But it has been predicted that it's going to snow this Monday. What? When it was anticipated, it wouldn't come down, and now when we least expected it, macam inda bedusa tia kan turun. Haha. Today it hailed. It wasn't as big as ice cubes, but it was more like crushed ice; like those ones used to make ABC back at home. The weather yesterday was nice, I even went to town without using a jacket, although I must admit, I felt lahip and naked going around town without using a jacket.

Remember how I mentioned I was going to pull a Britney? I guess I'll postpone it to next month. I mean, my hair is starting to annoy me but yea I guess I'll wait until the REAL spring comes.

I have been slacking, as usual. Come on, you guys out there really need to help me out. I just wish there was some kind of rajin pills that I can take to become a little more hardworking. Or if not, ada bomoh kah that can help this kind of thing? Like black magic or something? No? How about ubat kampung, any kind of herbs? Sarang burung kah, betangas kah? No? Hahaha. See, I am that desperate, desperate to cure this procrastinatism (is this even a word?) thing that I have. Very determined to be not procrastinative (again, I am not sure if this word exists) and yet I am still slacking.

And yet, here I am attempting to make a post on my blog. Tsk tsk tsk.

I must say, this pre-easter period is probably the most boring time ever. It is when people's blog behabuk inda beupdate, people's nick on MSN says 'Go away, I'm studying.' or worse, noone goes online et cetera et cetera. It is also a period of time when people's stress gets build up. Sigh. Some people hasn't been able to view and leave messages on my tagboard, it's been an ass lately. But I think I fixed it so yea, leave me a message, at least I know you are still alive during this pre-easter period.

I actually have some pictures to post but I am just too lazy to upload it. Haha, next time then. So here I where I am ending this lazy post. Laters.

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