Sunday, 8 April 2007

The Mouth

The mouth is also known as buccal cavity or the oral cavity, is the orifice through which an organism takes in food and water.

Haha, no, not about that.

Lets get on the case. I don't know, I just felt like writing about this. I think Apip has blogged about this dulu, click here to land on her specific post. It's about honesty versus jaga hati. Haha that rhymed. So yes, being honest is probably the best policy. However, sometimes honesty is not necessary. Sometimes, because of your honesty, people would end up not liking you.

So when is honesty really necessary? I guess honesty is really necessary when it really needs to be told to the person, when if not, it probably will destroy that person, or embarrass that person, or whatever. In other cases, where the statement is just simply a negative statement, in which it will not benefit the person at all, then just shut the fuck up. Eat your own words, do not let it out of your mouth.

Know your audience. Before slipping out words out of your buccal cavity, think. Is this person sensitive? Will your words affect this person? Will this person take it the wrong way? These are the kind of questions you ought to think about before you say stuff. Attempt to rephrase your words at least. Maybe you can make it sound like an advice. Or better yet, do not say anything at all. Or try something a little positive? Because when you jaga hati orang, it goes a long way. Trust me.

This is also a reminder to myself as well. Because in this blog, I don't think I've done a good job in menjaga hati orang; especially Anita Sarawak's. Jauh hati mu dang? Dui malaiku!

This blog post is NOT dedicated to anybody in particular. Just to open the eyes of those oh-so-honest and direct people. Because it is more than just being honest really.

Di dalam nota yang lebih terang, (haha direct translation!) On a brighter note (literally), it's sunny outside. It's really warm. I never knew the UK is capable of this kind of weather. Good morning and have a nice day. Assalamualaikum!


Anonymous said...

Tell me about it. I have a few friends who are just like how you mentioned. They can be a pain in the ass sometimes, umm correction, most of the time!

jIM said...

I think lying to someone esp if its someone dear to you is excusable if done in moderation. I completely agree with the point you made pasal jaga hati. Sometimes you cant escape it...

Jirin said...

anonymous. yeah tell me about it. hehe. thanks for dropping by.

bg jimmy, yea definitely ok if done in moderation hehe. i lovvve you pictures!

jIM said...

hehe! thanks jirin! just keep checking from time to time. new pics being added all the time.