Tuesday, 20 March 2007


I was talking with my friends about this the other day: mIRC! Haha, I bet all of you have used this program before! Before the birth of MSN. It was the only way to comunicate with people online faster than email. It was probably the only, or if not, the most famous, instant messaging program back then. Well actually, this program has been around since the late 90s but I have only been an active user since 2000, I think.

Channels were usually entitled by school names, or places, like MS, SAS, SMB, etc. Then, everyone from respective schools would fight over which channel was the coolest. Mwahaha. Anching nyamu. The seniors of the school would hog the channel and become 'OPS' (Operators).

The post of the operator was very much desired by everyone. The operator had the power to kick a chatter out of a channel, or even ban him/her from entering the channel ever again. I was once banned from #Brunei for using words like Paloi or stuff like that. Haha. Sekadar. Padahal #Brunei atu is full of orang gian, orang birahi, orang lapar, orang desperate berabis sekali dalam dunia. Hahaha. Mihir.

That was also the period of time when using 'Z' at the end of every word was considered the in thing. Haha. Bida! But up till today, some people still use that. Also, mIRC was a platform for some people to learn about hacking and nuking. I got hacked and nuked before.

Dulu kan, masa zaman mIRC ani, I was not given access to the internet as I pleased. I had to gain access. I had to beg. To be allowed to chat was like a to be allowed to drive. There were times when I would sneak in the middle of the night, bringing along the pillow with me, using it to cover the bloody noisy modem, supaya inda kedapatan. I know for a fact Zieyah also did this dulu, she mentioned in her blog once. I thought I was the only one! Hehe.

Sigh. Adolescence!

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