Sunday, 4 March 2007

Four months to go~

I miss my baby cousins, especially si Didi. During my jobless days after the A Levels, there was nothing else to do than to babysit him. I miss him berabis sekali dalam dunia. Hahaha. Since, I'm on the topic, lets go and try to talk about kids.

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He fell asleep while playing around with remote controllers on the bed.

I have a soft spot for kids. Hahaha you're right Jirin you may say. I can't help but smile everytime I see kids here. I smile to myself, kadang-kadang I think people would think I'm freaky kali. No, no, this is not one of those point raising mechanism untuk the ladies. Hahaha to hell with that. I love seeing kids. But not Michaeljacksonally lah. Hahaha. I love kids up to a very reasonable amount.

You know how you can hardly control kids' mouths kan. One time, my little girl cousin and I was in an elevator, and there was this tomboy female in the lift with us. This cousin of mine is 4 years old at that time, it was very decent of her to whisper to me, "Eh, bang, laki-laki kah bini-bini tu bang?!" Hahaha, she was whispering alright, but that tomboy lady heard her. Thank god she was the cool type, so she just smiled. I MISS YOU DINA!

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Dina and Didi, cropped image from my desktop wallpaper.

Mentioning all these stories reminded me of how my childhood days were. Man, I was so GAUK; according to my family. I can remember clearly when I was 4, I threatened my mother to jump from the sofa if she didn't hang up the phone. She didn't hang up the phone so I jumped. I was four, ofcourse I thought I was superman! But no, the next thing I knew, I was at the emergency room; I broke my foot. Awwh, the memories.

One time, on a holiday in Philipines, I thought my mother was going to leave me, I ran so quick I ran into a glass door. Baik jua inda pacah lah. I woke up to realise I was in a seafood restaurant. Hahaha either I cried myself to sleep or maybe pengsan inda ku tau. This was when I was 3 kali. It is very surprising how I can recall these memories. Aii depress tah ku nah.

I was violent as a kid. Aku pernah gigit kawan kakaku. Aku pernah cangak kawan kakaku. ASTAH! WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

Moving onto my primary days. I can't really recall any specific memory. Maybe ada. This was the era when having an abang meant seluarmu terabang, or having a boss meant seluarmu bubus. Hahaha lame! Masa atu baru jua ku kan berkenal-kenalan dengan cara-cara kan becali so you can't really blame us. Haha.

Then comes my secondary days. I was an ass. Enough said. Galat ku kan becerita.

Isuk lusa, 20 tia umur ku. Basar sudah. Wake up and smell the coffee nya orang putih. Kalau masih jua inda sadar, sumbatkan lagi serbuk kopi atu dalam idung. Mun atu pun inda sadar masih bah, inda tah ku tau tu. Haha.

Four months to go~ hehe Brunei, here I come. Haha awal iski.


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