Monday, 26 March 2007

Facebook & Friendster

It's official. Friendster is officially not the in thing anymore. For those of you who's wondering why? Apa eh? The rest of us is hooked onto Facebook. Friendster style lama, inda lagi main~

Facebook is like Mark and Spencer's, Friendster is like Aldi.
Facebook is like Supa Save, Friendster is like Milimewah.
Facebook is like MSN, Friendster is like mIRC.
Facebook is like R&B, Friendster is like dangdut.
Facebook is like Nike or Adidas, Friendster is like Alien Workshop.
Facebook is like The Empire Hotel, Friendster is like motel dua ringgit semalam.
Facebook is like Swenson's Ice Cream, Friendster is like ice cream dua puluh sen yang bejual di Mabohai.
Facebook is like Starbucks, Friendster is like Kedai Kopi Dang Limah dan Anak-Anak.
Facebook is like riding a car to go to Gadong, Friendster is like using bas purple.

Pokoknya Friendster has lost it's cool and now I bet Friendster accounts boleh didapati seringgit setumpuk di Tambing di Bandar Seri Begawan. I mean, whenever I log into Friendster, I can almost hear crickets. It's like going to Yayasan, yes, literally like going to Yayasan; tinggal poklen saja. Hahaha.


rabz said...

hahahaha ouchies! that poklen part ah. buleh? hahaha. i still jaga my frenster okay!

u knw kenapa facebook lgi cool? psl kwn kami org putih ada facebook sja, nada frenster.

haha atu baru namanya poklen!

Jirin said...

what i mean by tinggal poklen saja, facebook mana ada poklen dont ya think? hahahaha

it's ok if youre still active friendster wise, dont worry, youve got a facebook account, which pulls up yoour cool factor. heheheheh

Anonymous said...

somehow ..yg tinggal poklen saja is somewhat very true..ahahahaha

Jirin said...

It is very much very true indeed. banar. hehe.