Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Ekon pun kalah, esbok pun kalah

Man, what is up with the weather? Cuaca makin hari makin unpredictable seperti perempuan. Haha I take that back, sorry for that sexist comment. That is not the point. The point of the matter is that it is frickin' cold. Sajuk nya sajuk kan mati, panas lagi kalau aku masuk dalam esbok bah ni. Esbok, you know esbok? It is icebox when a Bruneian pronounces it. Like how action is pronounced eksen by a Bruneian.

Funny story...

My SMS text to my uncle: "Mana kita menyimpan belukat kita?"

My uncle replied the text, "Belukat? Apa belukat ani?"

Then he called my phone to ask me apa belukat ani. Then I told him, "belukat kerita bah".

"Ahhhhhhh! BLUE CARRRRRRRRRRRRD! Adakah belukat~"

Pasal it was pronounced that way. Mana ku tau that it is actually blue card all these while. Bear in mind that this was ages ago. I honestly thought it was belukat.

Now I am starting to be random again, like always. Nya orang tua, when you say something, then if a cacak makes a noise, it's a sign that what you said is true. How is that even possible? For one thing, cacak mana yang paham bahasa kitani ah? Mun ia paham bah, ia sendiri pun bacakap: 'Awu banar tu, lurus tu yang kita cakap ah' instead of the noise cacaks usually make: 'Tsk tsk tsk'. Lol. Barangkali orang dulu-dulu ani sarcastic bah. Hahaha pandai jua ah orang dulu-dulu ani kan sarcastic.

For you people out there yang cakap brunei nya inda berapa, cacak ani ertinya lizard dalam bahasa orang putih. Si tayi jua kau kan inda paham cakap Brunei. Haha.

Why in the world was I talking about cacak? God knows. Hahaha. (Kill a cacak and you get rewarded pahala: Myth or fact?)

Speaking of our Bruneian language, do you think it has evolved? I mean, we don't talk like how people dulu-dulu used to talk, don't you think? Like the introduction of new phrases like 'Bulih lagi?' which I don't remember hearing when I was younger. I think it was starting to become popular during the early 2000s. But when I think of it, is it derived from English? Because when it is translated directly to english, it does sound right. Like...

Melayu Brunei - "Bulih lagi bida bini nya atu?"
English - "Can his wife be anymore ugly?"

In both contetxs, the input intended by the speaker is definitely sarcasm. Antah eh. Haha.

Remember how people used to use 'crack' or 'krek' to describe someone crazy or overly funny. Now people are using 'pacah'. Haha. At first, I didn't get what pacah meant. Rupanya it's not even cracked, it's pacah sudah bah, literally pacah sudah. So it's something more than crack. It's PACAH. This term is overly used among us Bruneians. Sikit-sikit pacah. Itu pacah, ini pacah. It is overly used kalau bini-bini lawa pun pacah jua kana galar. Dapat result exam lawa, pacah jua kana galar. Haha. Pacah. (Haha.)

Yang famous lagi apa nah? The use of the word 'mental'. Used on people yang sanang marah atau emotional. Haha. (Si Rabz panggil aku si Awang Mintal. Huhu.)

Another phrase that has successfully caught on in our society is 'Mun paham bisai'. My definition of this is that, if you understand what's going on, then good, if not jangan tah kau ingau. No? Correct me if I'm wrong.

This one is unexplainable - '......... kali ah'. Insert any adjective in the blank. I mean, it's a statement, but by adding kali ah makes the statement less solid, more to a question. Again, is this some kind of essence to the Bruneian sarcasm?

The Bruneian language is complex, it is hard to explain. Haha. I am going to quit now.



rabz said...

u knw my corridor mates say 'mental' all the time. they use it mcm kami org brunei jua, semua kan mental. aku senyum2x pun durang panggil aku 'mental'. imagine my corridor mate yg org putih asli (haha ada yg nda sli kah?) going
'rabz, ur mental' in their english accents.

actually, they dont just refer to people as mental. even bad goals get 'thats mental' or even good goals. for the matter, i dont even knw the difference between good and bad goals.

anyhoo, that thing about killing cacak is true. u knw time nabi muhammad (peace be upon him) betapuk in a cave, and spicers weaved their webs over to help hide him, but cacak bebunyi, therefore revealing his hiding place to the enemy?

catu la cerita nya. correct me if im wrong with the details. but yes im sure dpt pahala. so this would mean spiders are our frens. psl durang tolong nabi muhammad (peace be upon him).

and btw, jgn mentel aku buat 'peace be upon him', psl sebenrnya aku nda tau cemana spelling beselawat in rumi hahaha.

atu panjang commentku. kes nada kraja la nie... haha

Jirin said...

hahahah wah boleh jadi guest blogger ni arah blog ku. heheh.

haha inda ku mentel~ haha. org putih pun overuse jua rupanya. didnt know that. haha.

thanks rabz for the comment. hehehe.

the lazy turtle said...

Jirin, pacah ko ani eh. Haha. I tink the Pixies overly used the word pacah at one time. Haha. Oh, bimbo moment. I didnt know eksen was derived from action. Hahaha

Jirin said...

ohhhh??? hahahah yeah it is action. hahahhaha.. ya i agree!!! at one ti me every single action, word, joke, statement, goal, person, was pacah!!! hahahaha