Thursday, 8 March 2007

Diet ku eh, not!

Mental ku eh. My inbox is full of junk mail. Of all junk mails, I get 'Lose weight in 7 days' or 'Recommended diet; as seen on Oprah' coming into my inbox. I say to myself, cemana boleh durang tau aku gendut atu kan? Coincidence kali ah. Haha but it comes in everyday. It says 'Weight Wathcers Weekly' but it comes in everyday. Bodoh. Eh awuah, I can block these emails jua. Okay, I'll do that now.

Diets never work. I am just quoting that phrase. Do diets work? Some people say diets never work. Maybe you've got the wrong diet plan. There are millions of diet plan that exists. So research your diet plans, karang inda sadar-sadar bepenyakit pulang. Imagine someone trying to lose weight implementing a muscle building diet! Inda paidah-paidah bermuscle katul-katul mun badan lamaknya setungkang.

The phrase 'Diets Never Work' is really a phrase someone in denial would say. If you didn't turn out kurus, don't blame the diet. It's you who didn't follow the diet properly, inda ja?

If you do plan to be on a diet, start at the very moment you decide to go on the diet. (Haha, look who's talking! I know, I know, I'm as fat as a pig as well) If you say, "eh diet ku eh, but esuk lah, hari ani makan puas-puas ku eh, makan nasi katok lima bungkus, esuk baru diet" - mana mau tu lai!

I have never been on a diet, maybe I have, but unintentionally. Haha was I talking about diet? Don't you find this post ironic? Well I do.

Nah tais liur ku nasi katok. Lagi. I thought I got over that Brunei-food-craving phrase.


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