Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Can you be anymore... hmm, real?

I was hanging out with my housemates the other day and we came across a random thought. It is very annoying how some people mengakun themselves that they are mixed, mixed as in mixed blood, mixed as in half this half that. Some people mengakun that they are actually eurasian when they look 100% malay and aren't worried that they've caused a puzzling look on the listener's face. Like, really? If banar, then okay lah. But mun inda banar atu, why? Haha.
Girl A: Eh, did you know that I'm mixed?
Girl B: Oh, I never knew that, who is it, your dad? Mum?
Girl A: Inda pulang, hmmm..
*At this point Girl A starts to speak with minimum volume*
Girl A: Kaka ipar ku...
Can you be anymore of an atention seeker? Haha. That was just a hypothetical situation though. Just jok ok just jok!

Speaking of attention seekers, how many of you out there have come across a friend who claims that they have cancer and they have a few more months to live? This is a very common thing apparently, pathological liars they are called.

I mean, it's ok to live a sad live. Appreciate what you have in life. Be yourself and people will like you for who you are. You don't have to make up things so that people would pay more attention to you. Really, cancer? You seem to look fine, woman! Haha. My point is, there is more to life than that. So bear in mind, telling people how miserable your life is, when it is actually not so bad, is a no-no. People are not stupid haha.

No, this thought just came across my mind, not that I have a friend who just confessed to me about his/her cancer recently, no. Haha.



Lyne said...

I had a friend who told me she has(d), whatever, leukemia AND brain cancer and some other really weird things. Man, I only put up with her coz she was actually fun to be with. Really but her lies were so terrible and somewhat amusing I just couldn't bear with any of 'em. In fact, she was really close to me back in my junior years. A sad pathological liar she was or is. Oh, I don't know if she still does it.

Jirin said...

hahahha yea ive been thru that. its even worse if you actually feel bad and sad that your friend is dying only to find out you are being lied to. hahah. oh well.

Lyne said...

Yea I know! I mean, she told me about it the first month of school or was it the second. And I believed her! But moments later I found out she lied and she just wouldn't stop. =S

Oh well. I hope she's 'better' now.

Jirin said...

Haha yea I get what you mean, I do hope these people get better as well, if indeed they had some kind of sickness, it would be some mental disease perhaps. Haha.

Lyne said...

More like mental disorder. lol.

cells said...

haha..jirin, this post of yours reminds me so much of my time secondary school years..haha.

There are a lot of ppl out there yang pengakun stuff they dont even have. I dont know why they do that, but maybe masa form 1 - 5 atu , they think its cool to be known as so and so..or to have so and so panyakit..god knows why they think like that.

I used to have a friend who told me she was pregnant through phone sex..we were form 1 and i dont even understand what it meant. haha.

then i had another friend who used to tell us that she ada leukimia (however u spell it) and that she will belayar to study at so and so school soon...tapi tunggu tunggu till masuk uni..inda jua belayar layar nya.

And now, im no longer friends with both of them bcoz of some incidents..;p its hard to tell whether the things they say to you are right or wrong..so when only 1 out of 100 things they tell you is for real, youre better off without them.Lol.;)