Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Blog, blog, blog!

Assalamualaikum y'all.

It was 10PM. After reading a few blogs, jeng jeng jeng, now it's almost 12! I can't believe I've spent that long reading people's blogs. Time flies when you're having fun. I enjoy reading people's blogs, it's fun. People talk about the funniest and the crappiest things, about life, about this, about that, about everything. I enjoy blog-hopping as much as I enjoy bullshitting on my blog. Because, this is the only space where I get to bullshit; because when I bullshit in compositions back in high school, it literally was bullshit in terms of content. No more red marks on my bullshit Madam!

I started blogging in August 2005. We were having our A level mock exams that time. That time male bloggers were very rare, and blogging was considered to be gay by some people. Now look at the blogging directory, I think it is equally dominated by both sexes. I don't know how and why I started a blog that time. That was totally a wrong time to start blogging. Hahahaha, I guess that must've been the reason why I didn't ace my exams. So to those of you out there who are A Level bloggers, do not take your blog too seriously. Eh in fact, to ALL bloggers, never take your blogs too seriously.

Blogging is your daily dose of procrastination.
(Trust me, it is!)
But seriously, blogging has become a popular trend nowadays, especially in our society. I guess it has become a new culture among us. Imagine if we pass on this blogging culture to our children. Cool jua tu. My son will have me on his link section which will quote 'Blog Bapa' and 'Blog Babu'. Hehehe. Attaboy!

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Gambar hiasan semata.
According to Technorati's studies, a new blog is born every second. On average, 1.6 Million posts are being made each day. Imagine that. These are the hundreds of thousands of people who should be doing work in their offices, those who should be doing their essays or coursework, et cetera. Including myself of course. I guess now even a maid has an access to make a blog. Bloggers range from mothers to teachers, from maids to managers, you get what I'm saying? Hehehe. But it's interesting. Blogs are, in a way like reality entertainment; it being really real, unlike "REALITY" TV Shows that are rigged and contrived (What's new?). I wonder if there are people who are paid to blog. If only I can make money out of bullshitting everyday on my blog. HAHA!

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Gambar hiasan semata.
Oh, by the way, do visit this friend of mine's blog, si Adib. He has used me, I repeat, USED ME, to present his content on how you can build someone up to knock them down really hard. Haha, he claimed that I gave him consent to use me. Haha. Maybe I indirectly did, haha. But the pictures are not necessary bah Dib! Hahaha. Click here to land on his blog.

Karang lagi. Peace.


rebelandaliberator said...

haha, your friend's funny..

Jirin said...

yeah he is. macam macam pikiran nya ah. hahaha

Muhammad Adib Hashim said...

"..those who should be doing their essays or coursework, et cetera." Aduh!! Menusok kalbu ku Jirin.. Adah!! Dalam eh.. Haha..

Jirin said...

hahahahaha that was mainly for me wah tu dib. hahahaha jgn ko terasa.

Anonymous said...

now I stay tuned..