Sunday, 1 April 2007

Bawang Besar

This post is going to be something about Facebook. Haha, some of you may say, apakan si Jirin ani, kalau inda friendster, facebook. Nada cerita lain kah? Haha. SCREW THAT THOUGHT. Hehe.

Nada, nothing much but I just want to state how there are a lot of groups there are in Facebook. I mean, it's interesting, however sekadar what a group of people may have in common, there's a group for it in Facebook. There are many groups, like Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Appreciation Society and The Indomee appreciation society to name a few. Haha, it's interesting. I bet you the next big sekadar group will be the 'aku-ada-tayi-lalat-bawah-ketiak-ku' group. Haha. We'll see about that!

Speaking of these sekadar groups, I was thinking, since I LOVE bawang besar so much, maybe I should start an 'I love Bawang Besar' group soon. I want to know I am not the only one who is a bawang besar freak. HAHA! I am not saying I would usually eat bawang basar like how I would usually eat an apple, but there can never be too much bawang besar as an ingredient in your cookings; don't you agree? I put bawang basar in Indomie, in ayam masak, in everything! hahaha. Karang tah aku buat. For what I know, ada kali sudah!

Rabz made Nasi Goreng, and I am full. Thank you Rabz, nyaman! Hehe.


rabz said...

thank u for saying that. my nasi goreng a success! =D

Wangs said...


had it yesterday and today, not sure bout tomoro thou hahahhaa :p

Jirin said...

Wang Ee, I just realised you left a comment on this post. I know right, I love big onions passionately. Haha!