Tuesday, 6 February 2007

We are all weirdos after all

I mean this in the sweetest of intentions possible: DO NOT TAG ME ANYMORE! Hahahaha. Tag as in this questionairre blog tagging thing. Hehehe. Final one ni?

Weird fact #1
- I find horror movies hilarious! If you don't believe me, watch one with me and you'll be surprised at me laughing instead of shouting. Sure, the shocks and the sound effects make me jump out of my seat, but I honestly find it hilarious. Maybe because meliat everyone else tekajut atu kali? I don't know. Or maybe no horror movie that I've seen are mambari ijap. Hahahaha apakan aku ah, cubatah kana tamukan dangan hantu banar, pingsan kali. Teehee.

Weird fact #2
- When I walk to school, I play a song on my phone, plug the ear phones into my ears and pretend that I'm on a runway; like a model or something. Inda pulang ku linggang-linggang bejalan. Jalan ikut beat saja. Hahaha no, because I have to go through town kan, imagine, from Wilko to Subway IS like a long runway if you think about it. That way inda terasa aku jalan jauh. Wait, before you start to judge me, to my defense, it all started when I put that song 'Move your feet' by Junior Senior into my phone. For your information, that song is one of the sound tracks from White Chicks, where the Wayan brothers were on a runway. Hehehe. So there. I hope I explained it well. Hehehehe. Point justified, no?

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Remember this scene?

Weird fact #3
- When I complete a post on my blog, just as soon as I publish it, I would read my own blog to find if there's any punctuation mistakes, grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes. Sekadar yea? Antah, I like certain things to be perfect. Sometimes even the smallest or the most stupid thing you can think of.

Weird fact #4
- I think Spice Girls were awesome. Hahaha! Eat that! Come one, you gotta agree they had at least some good tracks, like Two Become One or Viva Forever. Mentioning this reminded me of a particular PGGMB annual concert performance by a bunch of PGGMB-Spice-Girl-Wannabe girls. HAHAH! Siapa terasa? Hehehehe!

Weird fact #5
- I google my own name out of boredom, come on, everyone does this (in hopes of discovering your name being mentioned in someone else's blog! hahaha). I think it has gotten so common that it's not weird/sad anymore. You learn something new everytime you google something. For example, I never knew Jirin is the name of an airport in Czech Republic! See, the useless things that you do can be so educational sometimes. Oh, for your information, on YouTube, apparently there's a Jirin who's an amazing acrobat. Click here. Hahaha.

Weird fact #6
- I don't know why, but when I walk with someone, I have to be on that person's left. I HAVE TO. I don't know why. Which becomes a problem when I have a passanger (spelling!) passenger when I drive a car!


Okay, I think that is enough information to embarass myself. Okay, people, I don't think I want to see anyone for the next few weeks. I hope you guys will forget these facts by time time I'm ready to face people.


kingsten said...

If you're 18 or older, my blog may be of interest to you!

Jirin said...

Ummm no thanks.