Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Just for fun!

Sometimes I love listening to songs yang membari kan tidur. Like this particular song embeded below. You may think it's membari kan tidur as well but I love it. It's actually Elton John's, but this is a cover. Covers aren't usually good but this is a keeper! Other songs from the album are great as well; which include tracks from bands like Coldplay and Gorillaz. Do leave a comment if you like the song, so that I know I am not the only one hehe.


Keane with Faultline; "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"
Taken from the album "Help! A Day In The Life"

Other than that, my playlist is also playing Barry Manilow's Mandy. It may sound like a love song to you but this song to me is somehow motivational. Awu mandi tah ku ni sekajap lagi. Haha seriously! I have class later at 10AM, it's 7AM now.

Eh, haha I was reading someone's blog and she was complaining how orang puteh selalu becium in public. Hahaha annoying banar! They kiss unneccessarily sometimes.

GF: Do you *kiss* have class *kiss* tommorow?
BF: I'm *kiss* sorry baby, *kiss* what'd u say? *kiss*

Finish your damn sentence at least! Haha. But then again, bukan masaalah ku. Hahaha. I should get a life kali, according to some people. Haha. By the by, kenapa "JUST FOR FUN!" is the answer to everything? Just for fun, perhaps? No? Apatah, just for fun?

Some of you may not get what I mean. Haha, scroll down my tagboard and look for "Just for fun" heheh.

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