Monday, 26 February 2007


Man, I have been jobless since tadi. What the hell. Haha when am I not jobless anyway? Because I am always jobless. I shouldn't be. I should be doing my work. I've been slacking a lot. Argh. Mintal!

I don't know how this thought came across my mind but have you ever imagined Siti Nurhaliza bald? Hahaha. Pasalkan nya orang Siti Nurhaliza atu Britney Spears melayu. Imagine!

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Haha. Didn't have time to make it look more realistic!

Haha. Newspaper headlines would go something like "Siti pulls a Britney" Haha. Datuk K tepulang subur rambutnya. Hahaha. What the hell? Enough with the fiction! How many times have I mentioned Britney in my previous posts. Bek adang.

Speaking of baldness, I think I want to shave my head soon. Not entirely, but I guess numbur 2 or numbur 3. Orang puteh paham kah tho whole numbering system? Or is it a Bruneian thing? Haha seriously, does anyone know? But bepikir ku jua; if I do shave, then my head would freeze; considering the lovely weather here in the UK. Seriously, it's like hell here but an ice version of it. Plus, if I go bald (or almost bald whatever you call it), sudahtah bulat, makin tia bulat, macam Doraemon. Hahah I was once called Doraemon in school before. Hahah. GEBU yo!

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Haha kiut ucing nya ah.

I haven't heard about the Malaysian music scene since I'm here in UK. Apa kabar nya? I saw pictures of Mawi attending a couple's wedding function and the attention ended to be upon Mawi instead of the couple. How sad is that? You can actually see the face of the bride making a thought to herself, "Kima, napa ku buduh invite si Mawi ani?" Those pictures I saw was on Pablo's blog. Click, it's linked to the specific post. is no longer free. Baie. Haha baru jua ku iski kan liat Astro Ria. Inda pulang ku iski sangat. The last time I checked, Roda Impian was on. Haha. Balum! Balum ku kan tais liur meliat roda impian. Baik ku liat FRIENDS. I remember when a Bruneian was on Roda Impian, there were a lot of jokes after the Brunei episodes were aired. Adakah U untuk UCING! K untuk KUYUK! What was more embarassing, one of the Bruneian contestants actually turned the wheel the other way around. Haha. Is this true? I didn't see it, but I remember those were the jokes at that time. Haha.

Eh, I should be doing my work! I guess that's enough bullshitting for today. Bek adang nya urang tua. Peace. A'kum.

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