Thursday, 1 March 2007

Shit on the radio~

You know, I have this website which tracks down web viewers. Through this site, I am able to look at how people land on my page. The two funniest ways on how people landed on this blog are by google, when they searched "Sexy Thai Massage Videos" and "The Definition of Bunga Paha". Haha never have I ever mentioned in this blog about sexy Thai massage videos nor have I ever mentioned about Bunga Paha. What the hell is Bunga Paha anyway? Bunga paha sounds dodgy to me. Haha.

I was listenning to Pelangi FM and callers say all sorts of things on the radio. One time, it was when the show Roswell was hot, the caller claimed her name was Roswell. Haha, apakan? Kalau kan pakai nama palsu pun , what happened to the realistic names the human brain can easily think of? God knows if this person is now known as American Idol or America's Next Top Model Cycle 5.

Callers usually dedicate their songs, that's a must for radio callers. In the end, they would make up dedications. A very famous one is 'To my boyfriend, I miss you forever'. How can you miss someone forever? Maybe that person intended to say 'I love you forever' kali ah? Haha inda ku tau nyamu.

DJ: Cuba Roswell describe boyfriend Roswell...
Roswell: Boyfriend ku sweet, instrumental, penyayang.

Instrumental? Salah sabut kali dang eh. I hope salah sabut. Hahaha. Sentimental perhaps? Or better yet, mental?

Oh another one, "Lagu ini saya tujukan kepada kekasih yang tercinta. Lagu ani lagu kami. Selalu kami dangar." DJ replies, "Oh, lagu apa tu?" Then caller answers, "Lagu 'NSync, Bye bye bye"

Antam lai. Pikir ku lagu romantik~ Manasaja kau. Suka ati mu lah. Hahahaha.

Remember that show on RTB called Sejuta Makna? I actually liked watching that show. It was a good show actually. People with weak Brunei malay get to benefit from it. This was Brunei's very own Charades. I remember the teams had tag lines, the only memorable one that I can remember is "Ram ram penyaram~". Haha it was so lame, even I remember it until now. There was a section on the show where they interview people around the country and ask them if they know the meaning to that word. Does this ring any bell, no?

Interviewer: Pa aji, tau kita apa eri URING?
Pa aji: Ah uring?? URIN dalam tin tau ku.

This was an old man, I'd say he is probably in his 70s. Hahaha moden banar Pa Aji sebuting ani, cool. Panjang umur kita, amin!

Bah. Bye bye bye!


the lazy turtle said...

HAHAHA!! Nice one Jirin! Especially loved the part with Bye Bye Bye as 'our' song. LOL!

Juan Pablo Fernandez said...

Jirin.. Cali berabis.. Sakit perut ku ketawa.. It reminds me of the time when I listened to Pelangi after lunch one day and someone called the station.. It goes like this:
Dj: Hello Pelangi, siapa di sana
Caller: Hjh Piah.. kan menjual pantun
Dj: Minta maap.. salah stesyen kita. ani Pelangi.. rancangan rambang2 kuasi!
Caller : bah.. terima kaseh

So, I quickly switched radio station and tried to listen to Harmony. Guess who was on the line? Hjh Piah finally called and she got her pantun show..hahahahaha

Radio Gaga.. wrong station I guess

Jirin said...

pablo, hahahahhaa yea the callers can be sooooo funny sometimes. hahaha kesian jua ka hjh piah atu salah station! hahahaa

manz, hahaha yea adakah bye bye bye!!!!! pacah!!!!

Lyne said...

Oh another one, "Lagu ini saya tujukan kepada kekasih yang tercinta. Lagu ani lagu kami. Selalu kami dangar." DJ replies, "Oh, lagu apa tu?" Then caller answers, "Lagu 'NSync, Bye bye bye" -- OMG! That's hilarious!! Baie, ingatkan lagu apa.

Jirin said...

i know, right? hahahahaha if i was the dj at that time i wouldve laughed my ass off kali hahaha..