Monday, 12 February 2007


Assalamualaikum everyone.

As of this moment, I still don't know what this blog post is going to be about. So just bear with me should it become interesting. If not, may I apologise to you in advance for wasting your next two minutes. Bahapa kan aku apologise ani, kalau ko marah pun, siapa suruh ko baca jua?

Hahaha. Apa ah? I'm thinking.

*After a few minutes*

You know what, thanks to the setan who gave me the "inspiration" to write about this post when I was performing my salat tadi. There you go, you must be happy. Sense the sarcasm, bastard!

You know, setan-setan ani kan, when you solat, ada-ada saja kan diceritakan nya. They would make you think wether or not you still have your wudhu. Or even when you wudhu, they would make you think that you might've missed one step; or make you think that you've only done one of the steps twice instead of thrice when you actually did it three times already. Have you ever, during solat, thought to yourself: how many rakaats have you already done? That's the work of the setans. Bodoh. During solat as well, sometimes you suddenly remember where you've put the keys you have misplaced. Ataupun suddenly you ask yourself: sudah kah inda ku tutup paip di jamban atu ah? EH TALOR, SUDAH BAH! SUDAH!

Auzhu billahi minashaytan nirajim. Lari ko. LARI.

But it is their job to kacau us right? We can't really complain about it, can we? Apakan aku ah, blaming setan lah itu lah. Inda khusyuk banarnya. Friends was playing on TV; mana inda! *Grabs remote and switches of TV*

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