Saturday, 24 February 2007


I thought I'd just reply the tags here.

Apip, there is definitely nothing wrong with Cyprus. It's just that aku dengar Ocakbasi atu orang-orang nya are non-Muslims Cyprus people and take advantage of their arab looks hence telling the Muslims that their food is Halal. I don't know if this is true or not but then again, we will always have Canterbury Grill kebabs to munch on!

Pink, you like that song too? Thank you! Hahaha yes I am not the only one!! Hahaha. Awu sedih ah? Si Pinkie nangis! Hehe.

I just got back from school. Phew, what a long day! We did some image vectoring today. It was alright. Argh, I don't want to talk about school.

Today is Brunei's national day. If I was in Brunei, hmm no, telling you that I would watch the ceremony in Bandar would be a big lie, because I don't watch it, aku selalu bangun akhir. Hahaha. So much for the patrotism spirit huh? Haha. But yea, ikhlas dari hati, Selamat Hari Kebangsaan yang ke-23 to all fellow Bruneians! Aku bangga aku orang Brunei.

I was day dreaming in class just now. When I come back to Brunei, I want to make up a proposal for making a design school. Not a big one lah, but probably around 20 students for the first intake. Design freaks are going to fight for these 20 seats. It's like a scholarship program, funded by the government. Those who are interested would have to submit their portfolios, then I get to choose the best 20 people. Aku jadi principal sekolah atu. Hahaha Awang Jirin Design School. How's that? Ah well, I'll think of a more commercial name nanti! Another dream of mine is to open up a company. I don't know, something to do with Graphic Design and stuff like that.


Kalau aku balik Brunei, aku jadi guru jua; bonded nyanta eh. Inda paidah-paidah mimpi Jirin~

Ok murid-murid, homok siap sudah? Ah? Inda? Minta terajang ko?

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