Sunday, 25 February 2007

Mimpi part 2

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Khairul Hazirin's Graphic Design Academy proudly presents to you Brunei Darussalam's first ever scholarship programme to a degree course in Graphic Design (Bachelor of Arts).

Entry requirements:
- Applicants must have a background in an art and/or design subject; i.e. PMB art and/or O/A Level art.
- Applicants must have a genuine enthusiasm for the subject.
- Applicants are required to submit evidence of ability in art and design, normally including portfolio of work.
- Applicants without an art background would be considered provided that the previous criteria is fulfilled.
- Applicants must have obtained grade C or above in GCSE English & Malay, or an overall band score of 6.5 in IELTS.
- Applicants must be computer literate and must at least be an intermediate user of design software tools.

Application forms are now available at the academy. The closing date for this application is on the 30th April 2007. Assessment of applicants will start soon after that. Eligible applicants will be called in for an assessment process which includes an interview and a portfolio presentation.

Should there be any enquiries please email to (Attention to Ms Apip Afifah), or call our toll free line at 1-800-ADANGTAHPERASAN.


Hahahaha bila perasan atu dilayan, miatu tah jadinya. Hahaha. Si Apip jadi assisstant ku. Kan? Kan? Haha.

If, by any chance, anyone thought the advert above is real, it's not. Haha. That was just a product of boredom. I was experimenting with the Web 2.0 logo style. So there. Haha.



Juan Pablo Fernandez said...

Mimipi menjadi Reality.. Apakan... atu Akademi Fantasia..hahahaa. But seriously.. we all start from dreams and we make them a reality.. I hope you will succeed one day.. Amin!

Jirin said...

haha pablo, thanks. i just realised your comment, didn't realise you had commented on this post. but yea, thanks pablo, really appreciate it. Amin! thanks!