Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Messers becomes messies

My room is a mess. I know I should probably clean my room instead of making this useless post. It's is so messy that there's a walking trail from the door to my bed, atu pun payah-payah kan melintas. Hahaha. When my room is messy, then my mind is messed up, stress. Which is why my mind is always stressed out. It's messy all the time. Hahaha but this is the messiest it has ever been. Hahaha. Laundry yang umurnya sebulan pun ada. Papers from last term pun ada ampai-ampai. Hahaha. It will probably take me hours to clean this mess up, but I'll do it later. There, another procrastination. Cheh.

Speaking of mess, From the episode TOW Everbody finds out.

Oh man, they think they are so slick messing with us! But see they don't know that we know that they know! So…
Chandler: Ahh yes, the messers become the messies!

Oh, don't get me started on Friends again. That was just something to remind you of Friends. Haha, I am a very loyal Friends fan. On a general note, the title speaks for itself. Messers becomes messies in the end. If you mess up with people, you will get it back in the end and become the messies. Haha.

Warning: Random berabis ni. You know how people carry books and papers in bags or folders right? Hahaha but some of my coursemates actually come in with Wilkinson plastic blags. Not that I have a problem with that, but imagine if I was in Brunei, going into class with a Milimewah plastic bag; siapa inda rawan hati meliat? Huhu.

Oooh March is getting near, ertinya allowance will be out soon. Why am I so excited? It would run out just as soon as the money comes in jua. Hahaha. I just found out that the dude from youtube called Ali is coming to London to make a show at the Imperial College. I don't know if you have seen his videos (linked), but I enjoy watching them. Which is why I really want to go to this one. The ticket is cheap, its GBP3.50, according to this poster. I think I'll clean my room now.

Wow, I actually managed to clean my room, wasn't so long after all. It pretty much just involved arranging clothes on hangers and organising my papers. Haha it is not exactly clean but I can definitely guling-guling or bangkang-bangkang around my room now that I have space hahaha. I didn't mean that literally; haha, just in case you actually thought I would guling-guling around my room for no reason.

Last week, I submitted this crappy piece of research. It was just my writings all over the place, not organised at all. So yesterday, when I entered class, I was worried it was going to be thrown in my face. As my lecturer held up my work, I looked down, ready for him to bash on me. But no, he ended up telling the whole class that I actually did a good job, and that it was something for the others to follow.

What the hell. Haha. Apparently, the others just submitted their work as a token. You know tokenism? Tokenism is the act of submitting work that is less than minimal, just for the sake of having it submitted. Sorry I am a bit kambang here, but hey, this never happened to me you know, in MS before, I was the bad work model. Seriously. Yupe, tokenism! I used to practise that a lot. Saying a lot is an understatement. EVERYTIME! Haha, but now that I am into the subject, I guess not anymore.

My friend Rez made a great entry on his blog. Now learn.

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