Saturday, 17 February 2007

Ko ada Prensta? Bah buatkan testi!

I was profile hopping on friendster tadi. I am dead bored. So yea, the answer to that is to check out people's profiles on friendster. Since I have nothing to do, lets talk about friendster. Hehe.

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Sekadar gambar hiasan.

I guess everyone in Brunei aged from 10 to 30 (or wiser) owns a friendster account for reasons such as to get to know more people, to advertise one's self, to popularise one's self, etc.

Since when, having thousands of testimonials; or having 'FULL' at the end of your friendster account name; or having 10 friendster accounts define a person's popularity? Some people are so desperate to increase their 'number of views' they put an inverted comma infront of their account name so they appear on the first page of the friends list, like ' sweety, or -_babe. Come on, your name starts with a Z and it appears in the last page so deal with it. Or prove me wrong then.

*But some people do have an apostrophe (the inverted comma thing) infront of their REAL name. So that's totally different and acceptable. Which is why you people using the apostrophe unappropriately should cut it out. You are confusing the society! (I am terribly sorry. You know who you are! *Winks*)

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You get what I mean?

And, oh please, use your real name. It's ok if that name you use isn't your real name and it is an inside thing you have with your friends or partner. In some other cases, come on lah, people don't know you by 'Sweet Chic' or 'Sexy Hantap' (Inda lagi ada gambar banar tu, gambar Sailormoon tah pulang). Nicknames are acceptable. But indakan dari 'Norkumalasari' jadi 'Sweet Chic'?! What happened to your real name? 'Aminah' isn't that bad you know (bukan nama sebenar). Be glad and be thankful of your real name. Be it your name being Tuminam Timbang or Jumirah Sukur. Eh, those are just random names that have just crossed my mind, sorry kalau lurus tia nama kamu. Haha random tia karang! Tarang-tarang nama amah nini ku hehe. Abis tegigit lidah amah nini ku ni nama nya kana mention arah hehe! (FYI, Tuminam Timbang was Brunei's famous female singer back in the 1980s!)

I seriously think Friendster has lost its function really. People give out testimonials which literally are not testimonials. Now tell me if these are testimonials.

Testimonial 1 >> "Hey. Tadi aku nampak kau di Gadong. Napa ko inda tagur aku? Anyway, esuk datang ko arah orang kahwin di Lambak atu? Pakai baju warna pink tani. Nini tadi masak ayam masak merah, rugi kau. Balas testi ani."
- For your information, friendster has that 'send a message' function where you can interchange private messages with each other. You see, this trend of leaving a message as a testimonial phenomenon is so worrying, even friendster had to invent that 'leave a comment' feature. Tsk tsk tsk! Now a 'comment' sounds more like it!

Testimonial 2 >> "=p"
- Aww, what a touching testimonial! I am really touched! It pretty much sums up everything about me! NOT.

Testimonial 3 >> "Thanks for adding me!"
- When in fact, I never did add this person and she says thanks for adding her? You added me bah! YOU! YOU!

Testimonial 4 >> "You are my friend and I love you to death. If you love me, send this testi back to me. Send it also to those you love"
- This is the most appropriate time to say "Malas tah ku ingau". Laundry ku lagi balum ku tejangkau. This chain 'testimonial' is like one those forward emails. Remember my post about forwarded emails? (Click. It's linked.)

Testimonials 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 >> "I", "miss", "you", "very" & "much" (As five different 'testimonials')
- Bitch, you are flooding my page!

Sometimes sending messages through testimonials are acceptable, just not too much, ok? There are a lot of other useless testimonials, I'm sure you've seen all of it. Ada lagi yang cali, that person leaves you a certain testimonial, then the next thing you find out, that person had also left the exact same testimonial on some other people's page. How sweet.

Some people also try to 'decorate' their friendster page. Let me tell you, as a learning graphic designer, they suck! Hahaha I am not being stuck up or anything, but honestly, sometimes the colours just simply don't go. And, oh yes, what the hell is up with flooding your profile with millions of videos and songs? LAMAS KU NYAMU!

Not to mention fake accounts. I was once added by this pretty girl. Sekali, inda paidah-paidah ku iski, rupanya fake account. Inda sedih di mana kan tu? Hahah sorry for linking that fake account. Tiwas kau. You know, these are the things that make people sick of friendster. People get bored of it. I get bored of it. Lets just hope that Facebook won't turn out like how Friendster turned out to be! Hehehe.

To maintain my likeability factor among you readers, I am really sorry if ada yang terasa. Honestly, I don't have the intention to insult kah apakah, no. Reality check kali? Hehe. World peace! (Sejak bila aku jadi Miss World candidate ani?) Tapi banar, peace! =)

I finally know how to embed music on my blog, compliments to Tina! So here's a random song on my playlist, I couldn't decide what song to put up, so yea; it's Yellow by Tanya Chua.

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"Yellow" by Tanya Chua

Assalamualaikum! Salamat!



popirno said...

me and jin were talking about this yesterday. you know if you set as viewing profiles anonymously to no, you get to see who's viewing you right? ani ada yang dapat view kami, sekali sudah kami kan view durang, private profile tia! hahahahaa mental jua tu ulih nya.

Jirin said...

hahahahaah exactly!!! hahaha popirno ani siapa kan? reza kah?

Nana Roslan said...

Hahahaha... I was just going through Reza's links and happened to check you out. I must say, this post is pretty hilarious hahahah... Very observant... hahahah....

Unfortunately, I'm just one of those people who give out somewhat meaningless testimonials (like no.1 in ur post), saying i saw them at here or there or when im going to see them or bla bla bla.... u shud ask reza... tau ya tu. hahah... but in my defense, i give those kinds of testimonials because: 1. aku kan check profile nya, 2. i might as well write something if nothing at all... haha

but in the end, the testimonial becomes a REAL testimonial because i always end up saying "ur a cunt" (to reza) or "ur a sweetheart" (to some girlfriends) or "ur a dumbass" (to my siblings)... hahaha

hey, a testimonial is a testimonial. it speaks the truth. and rez, if ur reading this, u really are a cunt. hahahahah....

keep it up with the observant posts... very interesting =)

Juan Pablo Fernandez said...

hahaaa.a. Jirin.. this is so true...I agree with you..Well, many lied about their ages in Prenstar but the legal age is 18. Youngsters in Brunei ikut2an.. to be trendy to be on Prensta and asking for testis.. ( apakan!!).hahahaa.
I'm one of the wiser ones I guess but Im there for a reason.. to be the Godfather and link all the kids of siblings so that my kids know who their cousins are, all over the globe! hahaaa

I think u are funny and deserved a link on my blog.. keep it coming!!

Jirin said...

pablo, hahahaha yes indeed. these kids yg buat spoil hehe. thanks for linking me, i've linked you as well!

nana roslan, hahaha i too give out meaningless testimonials but some people go until 10 testimonials talking about the same agenda.. thanks for dropping by!

Nonnie King said...

Cool... You know Tanya Chua.

Jirin said...

yes from singapore idol. hehe.