Thursday, 8 February 2007

Banar: It's finally snowed!

Hahaha. Awu. Typical Bruneiean ah?

I was asleep until I heard Melo shriek, 'Snow, snow!'. I woke up tarus and opened my window, grabbed some of the snow and threw it at Melo, this is still in the house, alum lagi ku keluar!

Hahaha it was just me and Melo playing in the snow. Erman stayed in, jadi tukang gambar saja. Hehehe. It was just us in the streets, no one bothered! We even had our neighbours watching us, throwing snowballs at each other. Just a brief post. It's 6AM!

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Homeless people!

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Boobs anyone? This one's free!

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Depan and belakang rumah.

So that's all folks! Hahaha just to show the world the sakainess of another Bruneian. Hehehe.

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