Sunday, 4 February 2007

100th post!

I had a conversation with Adib just now about Friends. Man, I miss Friends. I miss having the anticipation of waiting for a new episode to come out. Segala pujian to the writers of friends. Nada TV Show secali Friends. I can never get bored of Friends, you know what I'm saying? Never. Mun di Brunei, asal saja aku keburingan, buat Indomee, then watch Friends while eating. Hahaha then the Indomee would run out just as soon as the opening credits finishes. Hahaha useless. I am currently watching an episode of Friends at the moment (but sadly nada Indomee! Hahaha) where Phoebe was secretly working for a massage chain and pretended to be a Swedish masseuse. I give you the link lah if you wanna watch it.

Lisa Kudrow is damn funny. I think she's the best actress among the Friends line-up. She cracks me up. Especially in this episode. Ipan Stripan Glupi Glabi~ Hahahaha. You Friends freaks out there will definitely laugh to this. Hahaha.

So the O/A level results are out. Congratulations to everyone. But kan the results document file nada SOAS and STPRI's A level results. I wonder why. Any of you juniors thinking of going to Kent? Ahaha aku iski ni. Any questions just ask me. Anyone interested in doing Graphic Design?

So I have decided not to go home for my Easter holidays. I plan to work during the holidays, but you know me, angat-angat tayi ayam. Atau nya urang tua-tua; hot-hot chicken shit. Cakap pandai, tapi buat inda. Hehehe. But we'll see, mun dapat keraja, baik. If inda, inda tah tu. It's hard to look for places where it's halal to work at. Most restaurants sell spirits so inda boleh. Subway ada jual babi, also cannot. Places like Debenhams or W H Smith doesn't have any vacancy openning. Nyeh. I'll see.

I learned a new Brunei word today. It's lati. Have any of you heard of this word? LATI. Adib used it tadi and aku bangang. Apparently it's the opposite of kumuh. Niniku pun inda tau tu kali what it means. Hahaha latte tau ia kali. Hahahaha lol. No, I bet she knows it, but yea, I've never heard of it. You use the word as in...

"Bi! Ibu mau kamu gosok baju atu semua sampai lati! Mun inda inda ko begaji bulan ani! Merati ko?"

Hahaha atu ganas.

Oh yea, is it kelamuan or kelanguan? All my life, I've used kelamuan.

A: Ko skulah mana?
B: Aku skulah di Blackburn.
A: Ah, ok. Aku Canterburya.
B: Ko kan apa?!

Hahaha Si Reza tu. Mengacang.

Aku tai seliur tungking. Si Pinkie ni punya pasal. Hahaha, Pink, lanja aku tungking nanti aku balik Brunei! You know what I do when I tai sliur food that I can't get here in Canterbury? Hahaha I google it! So far I've googled Nasi Katok, Mee Tiaw Basah, murtabak, ambuyat, durian kuning, etc. But googling tungking was disappointing. You know what came out instead of that heavenly oily unhealthy thing?

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Then I tried googling chicken ass. Hahaha. Baru ia ada!! But unfornately, I can't save the picture and post it here. Broken link or something. Kalau kamu mau, google sendiri. Hahaha but nah link nya. Click here. Hahaha. Pacah.

Kan kul 12 sudah and I can't sleep. Aku fikir teh ani nada caffeine. Rupanya ada. I have always thought of tea as the opposite of coffee. Inda tah ku betidur ni. I'll do some work lah. Supaya inda buang masa. Oh yea, I'll do the dishes first. Betimbun ah di dapur atu. Ok.


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