Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Kentucky Fried Cruelty - KFC

Dengan permintaan Apip, I will try to update this blog. It's 11.53pm and I just got off MSN chatting to Apip, iatah ia suruh aku update. So here goes. I don't wanna bore you with 'what-I-did-today' shit but just for the sake of filling space, just layan and bear with me for a bit. Today aku bangun akhir, at 12. Rez came over a little later then we went to syisya at Ka Nadz's place till 10. Awu sampai ayung. Hehehe.

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Read on and you'll see what I mean.
Me and Apip have this campaign. It's called the 'Boycott KFC' campaign. But when I gave it a thought, me and Apip have another mission so I refined the name of the campaign to the 'Find me somebody to love & boycott KFC campaign'. Hahaha, high five Pip! You may ask, "why boycott kfc, nyaman kali ah?" Watch the video below, and you shall judge by yourself. For more information, click here.

(Pamela Anderson is a nice and caring woman after all!) Ok. KFC di Brunei boleh kali pasal ayam-ayam di Brunei kena sembelih in a proper manner, dengan cara Islam. Oh, I just got off Apip's blog. Awu ah Pip, I love KFC too. Cemana ni? Let's just hope or pretend that KFC di Brunei atu is the unregistered KFC, or KFC tiruan; just so that it doesn't matter if we go to KFC in Brunei. Hehe. Or! Yeah, or the next best thing...

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I try to update my blog everyday but everytime I finish updating, I read it all over again and unpublish it. Even I bore myself when I read it. Banar pulang blog ku and peduli apa orang fikir shit. Yeah, peduli apa kan. Hehehe. So in that light, I will continue bullshitting.

You know, years ago, when I do chores, like washing the dishes, I often kena tegur to not leave the tap running while washing your dishes, pasal membazir air. And I get why. But then again, the next time, masih jua babal. Now, here in UK, biasa sudah cematu, cuci dulu the dishes, then sudah siap everything, then you turn on the tap and bersihkan the soap. Also, leaving the lights on in the room after leaving the room. Dulu babal tu. Now that I pay my own bills, baru tah terasa. Which is a good thing. So to sum up, my four months in UK has taught me a lot of things. I believe that I am a much more responsible person.

Masa di Brunei, aku malas buat dishes, sepatutnya me and my sisters would usually take turns. But I admit kadang-kadang aku cakap aku kan ke jamban tia, itu tia, ini tia. The least that I would do was clean the dinner table. Hehehe. Si Jirah selalu buat dishes. Hehehe sorry Jirah.

I watched 'Shakespeare in Love' tadi at Ka Nadz's with Reza. I don't know, I am not so much of a love story person. In fact, I don't like love stories. But the movie that I saw was alright. Pasal si Reza cakap siuk, siuk lah. Heheh.

Oh makin akhir sudah bui. Hahaha bui. Antam. Aku sekolah esok. So yea. Assalamualikum.

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