Saturday, 20 January 2007

Hari mulia bulan mulia


Rupanya hari ani hari pertama tahun hijrah 1428. It’s a shame that I don’t keep track of the Islamic date. From now onwards, I will try to remember the date everyday. Lets give that a try. How many of you know your Islamic date of birth? Click this link. I was born on a Wednesday, on Zulhijjah 10th, 1407; which makes me 20 years old! Hehehe.

Anyway, selamat tahun baru hijrah everyone.

I just got my coursework results today. Remember in my previous posts when I said that I didn’t sleep for days to complete my coursework? I got two merits and a distinction. That’s three units already down; now I’ve got five more units to go for my first year. I hope it’ll all go well.

Man, it’s cold here in Canterbury. I read from someone’s nick on MSN that it’s going to snow this Monday. Banar wah? Hehehe. Hope so. I mean I’ve never experienced snow.

I don’t know what to type right now. I am listening to rangkaian pelangi right now. Ingat ku tepulang the time when I went on air to become a guest dj on Airil’s show @ Pelangi FM. Man, that was five months ago. That was fun. I was DJ Jirin for the night. Airil asked if I had a more glamorous name other than Jirin. Hahahaha. But I sticked with Jirin. Walaupun inda glamour bunyinya but at least it’s original kan. A month after I arrived in UK, Airil messaged me again to come by his studio to guest dj again because his guest dj for the night chickened out at the last minute. Hahaha, if there’s a cheap five minute flight to Brunei then I would’ve said yes. Hahaha too bad.

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Happy belated birthday Robeka. 17th January.

You know, there are some people who looks down on people who listens to malay songs. What the frickin' hell is up with that? I don't belive that crap. I don't believe orang atu inda suka at least satu lagu melayu. Inda ngakun kah yang dirinya atu melayu jua? Bole blaa lah. Jadinya cool kalau dangar lagu orang putih saja? Hahaha cali manusia jenis sebuting ani. I may not know all the malay songs dalam dunia ani, but at least aku ngakun aku dangar.

Hahaha atu bari ya random berabis.

Biasalah aku. Perandom. Hahaha, perandom. Antam.



Tina said...

18th Sya'aban 1405 here! Turning 23 this year, August 2nd! Interestingly enough, I turn 22 for Gregorian calendar.

Anyway, ada wah people inda mau mengakun that they listen to Malay songs? What the fudge?

Jirin said...

hahahah awu ada hahaha. ego. heheh. yea, kalau tahun hijrah, everyone tua setahun heheh..