Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Fw: Fw:

Ok. I know some people still forward emails. But please. Jangan hantar forward email arah aku ok? It annoys me. It annoys me that these emails have either fake contents or somewhat useless. Actually, don't bother. Beacuse I don't read them. Tell you what, if those forward email were true indeed, I wouldn't be here writing this post. I would be dead, because this one-eyed girl with a knife had appeared in front of my bed at midnight five years ago. See. I'm alive. No bloody scary one-eyed girl appeared when I refused to forward the email. My admirer didn't call me to confess her love 5 minutes after I forwarded an email regarding love, and I certainly didn't have $500 in my bank account after forwarding an email to 50 different people.

When I ask people why they forward those kind of emails, they would usually say that they send the email just for the sake of forwarding the email. But something tells me that they actually believed those last few lines of those forwarded emails. Come on.

So break the chain alright? Quit forwarding email.

However, I appreciate humour emails though. Hehe.

Inda jua payah mental aku ah? Hahaha. Nada bah. I was just annoyed that my inbox was full of "FW"s.


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Wangs said...

hahaha cali post mu ani!
Hope you're doing great in uk. Happy new year to you!