Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha / Happy New Year 2007

Allowance keluar awal bulan ani. Something to be happy about. Definitely. Tapi sekajap ganya tu. After one week, back to square one, broke again. Banar. Tolak bills and all lagi, groceries and all that jazz. Mati, mati. Hahahaha..

So I am in London at the moment. Will be going back to Canterbury this 31st. My school starts 3rd January. Fuck that. Awal bah. Antah eh. Boring.

Man.. I don't know how to blog anymore. Dulu ada-ada saja kan ku cakapkan. But now I have nothing to talk about. Seriously. Other than mentioning what I've been up to and stuff like that, NOTHING. Payah ku kan bullshit nowadays. Antah kenapa ia ah.

Umm, I'm just gonna talk about what I've been doing in London saja lah ah? Heheh.

So I went to London to help my uncle and his family move out of their house at Lancaster Gate and move into a house in Gloucester Square. It's five minutes away from Brunei Hall.


Hahaha, even I bored myself typing all those shit above. I'm gonna quit now. Until next time.

aku GILA BAYANG, like always ahahaha (delete bayang if neccessary huhuhu).

hahahaha apakan.

Peace. Assalamualaikum.

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