Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Jangan suka lalai

I was reading Kaka Selina's blog and I came across an interesting content: Why do people procrastinate?

Seriously, why? You had the time. Sometimes, more than enough bah masa atu. But in the end, you still leave it to the last minute to do your work, be it sedikit ataupun banyak. When it's banyak, that's when you suffer, that's when you have to sacrifice your sleep. When it is sedikit, even though it is already too late, you still procrastinate. Sampai there is no time, literally no time to spare. Barutah kan buat. Why ah? Plain lazy? Denial? Penyakit??

I procrastinate in everything. School work atu memang lah ah. Tali kasut pun aku procrastinate kan ikat. Banar. This is how I see it: I have the option of mengikat tali kasut sebelum aku drive and jalan, or before turun kereta after sampai arah destination. Luan jua sudah tu. To me, why do it now when you can do it later?

Why do it now when you can do it later?? Sah tah banar. Penyakit. I know it's bad, I know it's not good, and I certainly know that it is definitely not a healthy way of thinking. Tapi masih jua aku procrastinate. It's a sick mentality.

Maybe it's a Bruneian thing, no?

I googled 'Procrastinate' and Wikipedia has a good definition of it. Speaking of Wikipedia, bagus ah this site. To those of you who doesn't know what it is, it is an online encyclopedia and everyone can submit contents or edit its contents. Cool jua tu hehe. Ada Indonesian version lagi tu.

Bruneian thing aye? Semua jua eh kan Bruneian thing. Can you define a typical Bruneian? Hahaha let me give a shot. A typical Bruneian would seek another typical Bruneian and talk about another typical Bruneian behind the other typical Bruneian's back. Hahaha. Orang Brunei selalu ucap orang lain, tapi inda sadar yang diri durang pun serba kekurangan macam orang lain. Kan kan? Aku sendiri terasa. Hahaha.

I would attempt to describe a typical mengumpat session here, but malas ku. Those who know me pernah kali mendangar aku impersonate a typical woman mengumpating. Hahaha. Once we acted it out and showed it to the whole school during a hari raya celebration assembly. Man that was embarassing. It was me, Muneer, Fadhli and Rabz. We were all in telkungs, bagas terawih konon. Crack wah. Memalukan. What was I thinking agreeing to act it out?! The whole school lagi tu liat. Despite all that shit, it was fun. Siuk. Hehehe.

Apakan yang ku cakapkan ani? Aku inda dapat tidur bah ni iatah. Sorry Ka Sel, aku tercuri topic kedikita. Heheheh.

Assalamualaikum & Selamat kamu semua.

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