Saturday, 16 December 2006

Got prawn underneath the rock

Come on, come and join me say "Yaaaaaay!". Haha. I feel great. Why? Because I submitted my 10-week supplememt project. My assessment went great. You know, I have never felt proud of my work ever. School work I mean. I guess you really have to be passionate about your work. I fee great. Proud. Haha not gonna stop. Alright I will. Enough.

Okay. It's the holiday now. What am I going to do? Kent will pretty much be Brunei-less soon. But I am going to London this Sunday though; to help my uncle, he's moving to somewhere in Edgeware.

Being in UK is a good distraction actually. You feel like you have no other burden. Nothing to worry about except for yourself. No, not being selfish, but I honestly can easily put aside all the problems and concentrate on life and problems I have here. But then again, it is just a temporary thing. Like how En Vogue says it; back to life, back to reality. All things has to have an end.


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