Thursday, 30 November 2006

Pebret kali ah!

Today, school was from 10 to 5. Woke up at 8 like usual. I prefer to wake up 2 hours before class so that I have time to spare. I don't like to rush. School was alright. Progress wise, hmm, I would call it a productive day. My Wednesday lecturer likes my layout designs. My Monday afternoon lecturer gave out comments like 'your design looks too busy' or 'too much colour'. The other day she thought my other design was rather dull. Come on make up your mind woman! But she's good. She gives something constructive instead. It's just that I feel like I've wasted my time on my previous design. She says that I should not feel so. It's part of the learning process. Starting again won't hurt. Ada jua lurus nya di sebalik mulutnya yang berkeradut atu ah.

You know, since my two months in UK, I have had just attended one lecture. I mean we only have experienced one lecture. Others sessions, most sessions, are workshop-like. We do our shit and the lecturer is there to give constructive criticism on our work.

I came home at around 5.30 tadi and Reza & Ka Nadz was there! I prepared them dinner, durang lapar and so was I. I cooked Belutak. Heheh Belutak that came all the way from Brunei. Lucky cow! Kana makan di UK. Kerabau Brunei yang lain kana makan di Brunei jua ganya. Hahaha apakan? Lame mood ku on ni. So layan saja aku ani ah? Sorry.

I googled 'Belutak' and it happens to be a name of a place in Macedonia. Hahaha jobless! No. Aku saja search wah. Manatau ada definition. So that I don't have to come up with the one like below. Hehe. But yea, google has no definition of Belutak. Not before this post it hasn't!
Belutak \Blu-tuck\ n. [Origin: Malayu-Barunai]
Chopped marinated beef that are stuffed into a cattle's small intestine then sun dried, normally cooked by tumising the beef with Bawang Besar & Lada Kisar. It is already salty as it is so the addition of salt is not required.
The idea of Belutak may sound disgusting but nyaman kali ah! But some people don't use intestines anymore. They use this thing called 'visking tubing'. It is like an artificial intestine used in experiments to investigate enzyme activities in the small intestine. Woops! Sorry for going too technical! Hahaha.

Orang putih has 101 ways of saying 'cheers'. One would say it how we usually pronounce it. Others include 'cheese', 'chairs', 'cheyes', 'cis' and another one, rather out berabisly, 'chars'. Antam kamu. Hahaha.

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A procastinator's kitchen. Advice: If you want to delay cleaning your dishes, at least keep it organised, i.e. plates with plates, mugs with mugs. You know, just so that it looks neat. Hehe.

It was my turn to clean the dishes. Hahaha I am not complaining. I am tired and my lazy mood is set to on so I didn't feel like cleaning the dishes. Since I'll be free tommorow, I shall do it tommorow.

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It's 3am. Erman has class later at 9am tapi belum tidur. Broadband punya pasal.

You know, having broadband internet is not all good after all. It destructs your sleeping habit. It shrinks your sleeping hours. It makes you search for stupid videos on Youtube and waste time. Hahahaha. Since Monday, collectively, I think I have only slept for 8 hours. Haha that is not good. I hope I will get bored of broadband soon. Hahaha.

I have a new rule; if noone tags, then I shan't update. Nyehahaha. Apakan. Ketawa aku ah, tapi inda cali. Boo.

Alright people. I think this post is already long enough.

Assalamualaikum WBT.


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