Wednesday, 22 November 2006

An out of date update

I have a project due this christmas. My course is fine. I mean I enjoy doing this course. When I think of my days di UBD, I can recall a specific moment where I was whining silently to myself how I had to take in boring science facts in lectures. Mengusut banar ku wah. I even blogged about it. See previous posts.
But now I am actually doing art. This is my first time doing art. I never realised that I am actually the artistic minded kind of person. The subjects I took before this has totally got be blinded. I wish I had taken art for PMB, O Level and A level. That could've been an advantage for my course right now. I mean all my coursemates have an art background, so I feel a little small sometimes. But it's all good. I mean, sometimes my lecturer puji aku jua hehehe.. Mana inda kambang lubang hidung ku tu?

Hahaha this is what happens when you don't update your blog in a very long time: You do not know where to start! Hahaha but let me give it a shot.

Life in Canterbury is fun actually. This is my first time living on my own. Which means taking care of the bills, doing laundry, cooking, managing time between assignments and leisure, etc. It can get tough sometimes. My room is 275 quids per month excluding bills. That is expensive. But andang mahal jua tinggal sini bah. But it's all cool.

Culture shock! Orang puteh sini inda cakap Hello or Hi. They say "Are you alright?" Hahahaha.. and I say to myself, "Awu bah. Kenapakan? Do I look not alright?"

Then she sees another friend of hers and shouts, "Are you alright?"

Hahaha that's when I realise that the line "Are you alright?" is actually a way to greet people here. Hahaha. What happened to the good ol 'Hello' or 'Morning~'?

Lagi satu culture shock. Apanah? I was talking to my friend. Sekali bangang wah usulnya. Then I said what I said again. It was clear. Inda ia paham. Rupanya inda ia kedangaran apa ku cakap. Payah becakap sama orang putih ani. You have to shout. Basar sudah ah suara ku ani kalau becakap. Antah tuli wah durang ani. Hahahaha.

I miss Brunei. Yes! Berapa kali aku pigi arah YouTube and search Brunei. Hahaha Sedih jua sudah tu.

I miss Dina and Didi.

I miss my family and friends in Brunei.

BT Internet Broadband will finally be installed at my house this Thursday. Yay! Heheh.
Take care people. Selamat Hari Raya.

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