Friday, 28 July 2006

God bless!

When you realise you need a new pair of shoes or sandals or slippers, the wise thing to do is to go to a shoe store and purchase a pair. But no, some people go to the mosque on Friday noons to actually take their favourite pair displayed outside the mosque. Sigh! It's not a shoe parade you dumbass!

I know it was just a pair of slippers, but it was my favourite. To think that I'm a size 12, not many shoe stores in Brunei actually sell sizes 11 and above. It's very sad.

The moment you walk out the door, you think, "Ey.. this pair of slippers would look nice on me. I better run quick before the owner sees me taking his slippers". At least leave a note saying "I have stolen your slippers, but please do wear mine so that you don't have to walk barefoot to your car. Have a nice day!" Hahaha.. It was a very hot day and the car was very far away. Screw you bastard!

Anyone watching this Tatoo thing? What is it really? I'm gonna watch it with my family this Sunday. Tired. Very busy this week. Wedding functions. Ugh, wedding functions.

Things haven't gone my way lately. Wahaha I sound like one of those people who thinks that the world evolves around them. Hehehe nadalah. I'm just saying that life isn't being very friendly to me lately. I guess that's how life is. Things cannot just happen. You need to work for it. Kan? Oh wait a minute, when I said things haven't gone my way lately, I didn't mean to include the slippers incident ahahahaha.. Sekadar tu eh!

I wanna learn to play guitar. Sapa mau ajar aku? Angkat tangan!

Eh I haven't played squash in a very long time. I gain weight by the second. Literally! I'm not saying dulu masa malar main squash I've lost weight, but at least all the squash helped me maintain my weight hahaha.. Tapi sometimes it's kind of useless. I always go to my nini's house and my nini's house isn't a very diet-friendly place. Haha yea, there's always something else to blame. Typical human instinct!


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