Sunday, 7 May 2006

Waiting. Hoping. Anticipating. Dreaming.


Thanks for taking your time to check up on this uninformative blog of mine. I haven't got time to update lately. One, because going online is such a hassle nowadays, I'm broke jua. Plus, I think am going through a phase right now. A phase that I am glad I've gotten into. A phase which I didn't intend to happen. So blogging was not a subject of prior. Moving on...

I believe things happen for a reason. For every bad thing that happens, good things will happen. I happen to see this very clearly lately. I am glad I did. A happen to make B happen to make C happen to make D happen... the sentence goes on. That's life. I am glad for every bad thing that has happened to me. Facing what's going to happen is a big challenge. Transition is hard. A big challenge.

You may not know what I am talking about but I'm not gonna delete what I typed huhuhuhu...

I haven't been doing anything lately. Everyone else have applied to work/have already worked. I am concentrating on hoping for this one thing that I can't be bothered to bother about anything else. I have been having driving lessons lately. Everything's fine except my balancing isn't so smooth. Why can't Brunei be flat? Hahahaha... My instructor is funny.

I feel kinda depressed this week. Watched Friends Season 10 to cheer myself up. But it didn't work, saddens me even more. Pasal season 10 IS very sedih! I'm talking about the last few episodes. Phoebe is funny. I love her! Hehehehe...

So yea... to wait does suck. It sucks. To those who know what I'm talking about, doakan ah? You shall be in my prayers too. I shall update nanti lagi when I have nothing to do, when I have something to talk about, something to annouce? or something to share, or things like that.

Happy birthday to the one person who inspires me the most, May Allah bless.

I'm gonna stop now. I have something to read. Bought something to read tadi. Assalamu'alaikum.

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