Sunday, 16 April 2006

Operation Update: Failed. Heheh..

Okay, let me try to update.
I am so full at the moment. I just filled myself with one bungkus of Nasi Katok. I think the existence of Nasi Katok Pondoks every few kilometres in Brunei has made no citizen in this country lapar. Pondok Nasi Katok is supposed to mean Pondok Nasi Bungkus 24 Jam. That's why it's called Nasi 'Katok'. It's 24 hours, so when you're hungry you can just knock on the doors of the penjuals and they will serve you. Well that's what my nini said.
Tapi... people are just using this Nasi Katok name for business, tapi inda jua 24 hours. Macam-macam strategy orang jual nasi katok ani, ada this one nasi katok place, they actually told people they rinse their beras/nasi with Air Yassin. Good, but that is a very bad way to advertise. Wrong intentions. The measures people do to survive business and competition. Gee..
Was I talking about Nasi Katok??

What I heard lately: I heard there's going to be a 10pm curfew for a male and a female to be in a car, otherwise it's khalwat. Mun khalwat, nada bejalan kereta atu kan? At least make it 12pm kah.. 10pm atu awal masih wah tu. Baru siap wah tu.

Today I dropped by school with Syubs. It's great to catch up with the teachers. Sigh, i miss that school. Then i went to meet up with Jepp to help him with something. Sekali we went Funbreading! hehehe... missed that place.

Tired now. Been out since 10AM.

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