Saturday, 18 February 2006

Have hope..

How do I describe today ah? Fun. Lucky. Tiring.

Why fun? because the last week have been boring and today I get to go out with my friends. Thanks Jepp for bringing me here and there. Got to hang out with Jepp, Lil and Nis. Ooh.. met Aidah di MOE!

Why lucky? Because I "got called" to sit a wriiten test for DST, it's a job application process. Hahaha, again, why lucky? Okay, in the previous post, I did say that I'm gonna submit my application form to DST today. Since my friends submitted earlier (a month ago), and got called to sit for the test, I got jealous (eh.. bukannya apa! Aku yang gtau durang DST ada vacancy ahahaha yea jealous ku hehe). So I submitted the application form, and I asked wether I could sit the test inpromtu or not. The lady was nice. Baik jua ia suruh. Well she said, "oh, but I processed the forms weeks ago." But in the end she sed that it's okay. Tapinya... I could hear her say "Jangan bising ah!" to her other colleagues who were around her that time.

Hehehehehe... Hahaha all the other applicants waited like a month to be called in after they submitted their forms. Tapi aku, baru jua hantar, tarus tia dapat sit for the test tarus! Hahahahaha.. and that's why I'm lucky.

Why tiring? Let me just state down the places that I've gone to earlier.

DST HQ (Test) -> UBD (Submit forms) -> ITB (Beli forms) -> RBA, Airport (Submit Pilot forms) -> School (Chop stuffs) -> MOE (Take forms) -> McD (Lunch) -> MOE (Making queries) -> School (Chop more forms) -> Nyonya (Drinks) -> UBD (Squash with Amz & Wang Ee)

That took us 12 hours! 8AM-8PM Hahahaha.. ngalih ah!

Ooh! One tip! Kalau kamu ke MOE's Biasiswa Department, and if you have any queries, DO NOT ASK THOSE RECEPTIONISTS who issues you the forms. They may act like big shots but they're not. They were not being helpful. AND THEY BURST YOUR BUBBLE! Loi Pa! Doh Bu! Look for the real officers who has their own rooms. Thank you to the officer who helped me out. He was nice and gave me hope. Malaikat kali.

I'm out.

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